Triggered betting is the flagship feature of MarketFeeder Pro. With triggers, you can perform 50+ different actions. If you cannot find the right trigger in the library below, you can order a custom trigger. See details at Trigger Development Service.

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Trigger Categories:

Latest triggers:

  • Football cross-market Green-Up: back in one market and lay in the other
    These triggers can be configured to back and lay in any pair of markets, such as Correct Score + Over/Under 0.5 goals; or Half Time / Full Time + Half Time Score; or Match Odds + Half Time / Full Time, as long as the selections you are betting on are logically related.
  • Backing the Away team in a football Match Odds market based on the Draw's volume
    5 minutes into the match, back the Away team if its price and volume percentage fall into the predefined ranges and if the volume % of the Draw is below 10%
  • Exporting all selections from My Markets into a file to import
    A trigger that generates an import file for you. All you need to do is to add custom data at the end of lines with appropriate selections
  • Backing on the dog with the greatest volume at X minutes before the race
    Back on the dog with the greatest matched volume percentage at 2 minutes before the start of the race. Optionally, trade it out with a lay bet at exactly the scheduled start time of the race.
  • Dutching on “0 – 0”, “0 – 1” and “0 – 1” in Half Time Score, then backing on Over 2.5 if the first three bets lost
    This is a set of training triggers with a detailed breakdown of every trigger action and conditions. Back on “0 – 0”, “0 – 1” and “1 – 0” in Half Time Score, with an aim to trade out with a 10% profit before the first goal is scored. If all three bets are lost and we could not green them up, back on Over 2.5 in Under/Over 2.5 goals to compensate the loss.
  • Backing on Under 1.5 and Under 2.5 goals in the second half of a football match
    Back on Under 1.5 goals if the score is 0 - 0 or on Under 2.5 goals if the score is 1 - 0 or 0 - 1 towards the end of the match in the second half
  • Laying on reserve Greyhounds
    Lay on the reserve Greyhound (Res) in a certain group of Greyhound races, and add a profit accumulator for an increased revenue.
  • Backing on the selection with the greatest increase in matched volume%
    Back on the horse whose matched volume% has increased the most over the 10 minutes leading to the start of the race. The first stats-based Trigger in Action report!
  • The Kelly Criterion - Laying
    This staking plan is based on the Kelly Criterion - a method of calculating your stake size based on the size of the bank, the current price and the projected strike rate of the selection with the chosen rank.
  • Dutching with a saver bet
    Place back or lay Dutching bets with a fixed liability and one saver bet with zero P/L on one of the selections.
  • Backing on the horse with the maximum volume increase
    Back on the horse whose volume percentage has increased the most over the X minutes before the off. Allow a few minutes for a green-up, with an option to also apply a stop-loss if the market moves against you.
  • Backing and Laying based on the change in WOM
    Back or Lay depending on the change in the Weight of Money that can possibly predict a future increase or decrease in prices
  • Scalping at the top and bottom of the price range
    Learn how to scalp a selection when it is trading at the top or bottom of its price range
  • The classic scalping in markets with a wide price gap
    Learn how to place bets on both sides of an active market while the price gap is still wide, and to green up gradually as parts of your bet get matched.
  • Laying on the horse whose price never dropped, and trading it out at In-Play
    Record all horses whose prices have dropped by at least 5 ticks since 10 minutes before the start. Lay on the lowest priced horse whose price has NOT dropped, then green up or stop loss later.
  • Laying on Greyhounds with a staking plan based on the strike rate
    Lay on the second favourite in a Greyhound race; increase your bet liability based on your strike rates over the last 10, 20, 30 and 50 bets.
  • Backing and greening up on a pre-match favourite in Tennis
    In the first games of the tennis match back on the pre-match favourite if its price has increased significantly; then green up in the second set.
  • Laying against 0 - 1 in Correct Score (football)
    This strategy is very similar to Laying against 0 – 3 or 3 – 0 in Correct Score in favour of the underdog, except that is even more straightforward: you lay against 0 – 1, period, regardless of whether the favourite team plays at home or away.
  • Using extended football score information in triggers
    This example shows how to use information about yellow/red cards, corners and match half in your triggers.
  • Backing on Over 1.5 with a profit accumulator and a loss recovery plan
    My plan was to play with backing on Over 1.5 goals in a football match with a nil score. With a profit accumulator and a loss recovery, my balance went up and down over these 9 days of testing. Try the triggers yourself in the downloadable setup file.
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