What is a trigger? Why would I need one?

In betting, a trigger is a set of instructions in plain language or code that executes a certain action conditioned by the bettor.

You might want to read this article on Triggered Betting in general.


In MarketFeeder Pro, triggers are the ultimate way to automate your betting. Everyone can create and run a trigger, and with a trigger you can back, lay, cancel your bets, control the refresh rate of a market, green up, Dutch, initiate alerts and emails and even write data to Excel – there are 50 actions available at the moment.

A trigger is easy to program using plain English commands, see example below.

Simple betting trigger in MarketFeeder Pro

The complete guide on how triggers work and what they do can be found in the manual, section “Triggered Betting”.

While anyone is more than capable of making their triggers, sometimes – especially if you are new to triggered betting – you might need a hand in mastering this wonderful tool. We are there to help. See recommended videos below to get you started.

If you tried all of this and still are looking for advice, our forum is the place to go. Every customer is eligible for a certain number of free trigger solutions, see details on Trigger Development Service here.

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