Connecting several markets of a football match


This trigger example is not about the complexity or the efficiency of the strategy implemented. It is rather a case study on how to connect different markets of the same match (e.g. football match).

So here is the plan:

  1. Find a match where all of the following is true:
    • The price of the 0-0 selection in the Correct Score market should be 10 or lower.
    • The price of The Draw in Match Odds is 3.5 or lower.
    • In the "Over/Under 3.5 goals" market the price of Under is less than the price of Over.
  2. Wait till the first goal is scored, then Back on Under 4.5 in the "Over/Under 4.5 goals".


As you can see, four markets of the same football match are participating in this trigger, and we're going to tie them together in order to check all required conditions.


Checking all three markets:

Backing in the fourth market:


Download the trigger file.

In MarketFeeder Pro you can remember a set of selections under a name that contains the ID of the parent category where the current market belongs. This makes it possible to access those selections from another market of the same category, as they will share the parent ID. When it comes to football, a match is the parent category, and within that category numerous markets can be found, such as Match Odds, Correct Score etc.

So the triggers in the file do exactly that: they check relevant conditions in each participating market. If those conditions are satisfied, the trigger remembers that fact in the form of a variable that includes the match's ID.

When it is time to bet, a trigger in the "Under/Over 4.5 goals" simply makes sure that all necessary variables from all other markets are present, then fires.

The trigger requires the market score. Please ensure this setting is ticked:
Settings > Monitoring Options > Market Refresh > Download match score

Be sure to load all four kinds of markets for each match you will be trading in.

You can easily replace these markets with other types. Just change the values of the constants starting with pattern: they set a string pattern (a part of the name) that defines each market.


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