Over/Under Martingale (Football)


This is a classic Martingale staking plan applied to "Over/Under" markets in football. You lay on the "Over" selection in each market (e.g. Over 0.5 goals, Over 1.5 goals, etc.), and as the score increases (or rather, IF it does so), you aim at recouping your loss by transferring it over to the bet in the next market. For example, you start by laying £4 at 1.5 on "Over 0.5 Goals" in the market "Over/Under 0.5 Goals". When the first goal is scored, the first bet loses £2. So you lay £4 + £2 = £6 against "Over 1.5 Goals" in the market "Over/Under 1.5 Goals", then - against "Over 2.5 Goals" and so forth.

The triggers cover markets up to "Over/Under 8.5 Goals". There may be less markets in a match (say, up to "Over/Under 4.5 Goals"), the triggers will still work. You must add all of them, starting from "Over/Under 0.5 Goals", because that's where the first bet will be placed.

The triggers will function only if the score for the match is available in the program.


Download the trigger file.

Triggers In Action

The worst case scenario is when the teams score more than the name of the last market suggests. If it happens, you lose everything. In all other cases your losses will be covered plus you will win the initial bet.

Please note you must turn OFF the setting that deletes finished or settled markets automatically.

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