Lay On the Selections Whose Price Grew By 10% Within 10 Mins Before the Off


Lay the default lay amount on any selection whose price grew by at least 10% over the last 10 min, and is now less than 5.0. Don't lay on the favourite.


Click here to download the trigger file.

Short Explanation

The trigger picks the selections whose price lies within the range of the favourite's price plus 1 tick and 5.0. This in fact means finding a non-favourite with a price below 5.0. The second condition checks if this selection's price grew by 10% within the last 10 min. This is the formula:

Fitting Selection's Lay Price Dif over 10 min. is greater than (lay_price-pdif_10)*0.1

The expression (lay_price-pdif_10) returns the price that the selection had 10 mins ago. So (lay_price-pdif_10)*0.1 is 10% of that price. That is, if the lay price difference is greater than that value, then this selection meets the criteria.


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