Lay On All Selections Except the Three Favourites


Lay-Dutch on all selections except the three favourites, in a race with 10 or more runners, if they make a lay book of 40% or less. Lay to the maximum loss of £20.

Trigger Block

Click here to download the trigger file.

Short Explanation

The software picks all selections that have their lay price higher than the third favourite. Additional conditions check if they make a lay book% of 40% or less, and if the market has 10 or more selections. The formula in the "Amount" field calculates how much you need to lay on each selection to guarantee the maximum loss of £20. So edit the value 20 if you need a different loss limit.

If you need to Dutch to win a fixed amount, instead of being exposed to the fixed loss, then change the "Action" to "Dutch Lay" and input the amount you want to win.


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