Lay-Dutching The 3rd and 4th Favourites


Lay on the third and fourth favourites in the races with 9 or more runners, if the price of the fourth favourite is no higher than 9.0. Place the bets at 5 mins before the off.


Click here to download the trigger file.

Short Explanation

The trigger utilizes the action "Dutch Lay" to earn equal profit from laying on the 3rd and 4th favourites. The amount to win is 5 in this example, but you can change this to anything you want, and also to set the amount to lose instead. The first two conditions of the trigger pick the third and fourth favourite from the list. The third condition checks the number of runners in the market. The fourth condition makes sure that the price of the fourth favourite is within the required odds. The last condition prevents the trigger from working till it's 5 or less minutes left before the off.


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