Addressing most popular types of selections in triggers

Triggers always act on selections – outcomes that you choose to either back or lay.

I deal with lots of customers’ trigger requests every day. Usually such request starts with “I want to back on Over 0.5 in the First Half” or “The trigger needs to lay the underdog who has won the first set”. Often this very first bit – the selection to place a bet on – is what causes users the most trouble.

To help you quickly get over this stage and on to the trigger conditions, I have compiled the list of most popular trigger selections and explained how to address them in your triggers. Use them as ready templates and add any other conditions below the selection modifiers.

1. First, Second, Third Favourite

Choose “Favourite”, “Second Favourite” or ”Third Favourite” directly in the Selections field:

First, Second, Third Favourites

The trigger will identify the selection with the corresponding rank and apply its actions to it.

2. The Underdog in Tennis or any other two-outcome markets

It is essentially the second favourite, so see No. 1 above.

3. The selection that was the favourite before the off

The rank of a selection can change during the actual event, so the favourite at the time of checking the trigger conditions may not be the same as the favourite before the start. Use the last_order variable to check the selection’s pre-off rank:

Betting on a pre-off favourite

4. The selection with the maximum/minimum value of some parameter/property

If you want to range the selections by a certain parameter rather than by price, for example, by their age if you bet on horses, you can do this by using the Selection’s Sorting order condition:

Selection's sorting order 

Use a trigger expression as the sorting order modifier. It could be:

Selection’s Sorting order is defined by volume
Selection’s Sorting order is defined by pdif_10
Selection’s Sorting order is defined by back_matched

and so on.

5. The favourite/underdog team in Match Odds, Football

Since there are three selections in a football Match Odds markets, you need to exclude The Draw from the selections before you choose the favourite team, in case The Draw is currently the favourite based on its price. The index of The Draw is always 3, so you need to choose the selections with the lower rank between index 1 and 2. This is the scheme you’ll use:

The favourite/underdog team

To address the favourite team from another market of the same match, for example, to check the back price of that team, use this expression:

IF(football1_s_1_sel_order < football1_s_2_sel_order, football1_s_1_back_price, football1_s_2_back_price)

6. Under/Over x.5 goals, Football

The index of Under is always 1, whereas the index of Over is 2. It is the same for First Half Goals and Full Time, you only have to select the right betting code from the list. Based on that, choose the selection you need:

Over/Under x.5 goals

7. A football team that is leading by score

To pick the team that has scored the most goals, make use of the market_score1, market_score2 variables.

The leading football team

8. The latest team that scored in a football match

The previous scores of the home and away teams are kept in variables market_pscore1 and market_pscore2 respectively. Use them in a block of conditions below:

The team that scored last

9. The player that lost their service in a tennis match

The loss of service is the loss of a game in which the player was serving. This means the loss of service can be registered in the next game, when another player is serving. Besides, due to possible delays in delivering the information about the current server (the game number may change but the server is still the same for a couple of seconds), it is recommended to act after the first 15 points have been scored.

The score in the previous game of a tennis match can be accessed through tennis_p_player_games variable, therefore it is possible to compare it with the current number of games and identify the player who lost their service:

Player that lost service in tennis

10. The current score in Correct Score and Half Time Score

Selections that correspond to a specific score, can be addressed by their names. The score figures will be contained in their names, with the exception of “Any Unquoted”.

Current football score

For Half Time Score this set of conditions will be slightly different because the maximum “quoted” score there is 2 – 2:

Half Time Score

If you are only interested in scores of up to 3 goals per each team, you can use just two conditions:

Market’s Betting Code is Correct Score
and Selection’s Name is equal to “market_score1 – market_score2”

11. Selections on which another trigger acted previously

For example, if you had Trigger 1 back on one or more horses, and you now want Trigger 2 to lay on that same horses, you use the following condition:

Trigger {Trigger 1} Number of runs per selection is greater than 0

Trigger's number of runs per selection

This works if both triggers must be executed in the same market.

12. Selections imported from a file

Follow the general guidelines for importing selections from a text file.

If you import just the names and no other values, you do not need to add any other conditions: the triggers won’t see any non-imported selections in the market.

If you import some values for each selection (separating them from the selection name with a Tab character), you can choose the ones that have those values in a certain range. Use the imported_1, imported_2, … variables for the first, second etc. imported values. For example, here is how to compare the imported value to the selection’s current price and only pick those whose current price is higher:

Imported selections

Download the trigger file with all the triggers in the example.

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