1. How can I alternate the sizes of my bets, e.g. 10 – 15 – 20 – 10 – 15 – 20 and so on?

Use a simple counter as shown below:

Alternate bet size

Note: you may also consider the Universal sequence staking plan if your sequence is longer and involves a more complex alternation of bets.

2. How to check my current exposure (the amount of funds not available to me due to current bets)?

In general cases, use this trigger expression for exposure:

IF(test_mode=1, test_balance - test_funds, balance - total_funds)

To check if your exposure is, say, over 50% of your balance, use this condition:

Selection’s Trigger Expression 100*IF(test_mode=1, (test_balance - test_funds)/test_balance, (balance - total_funds)/balance) is equal or greater than 50

3. Is there any way to check if a particular market exists in Football?

Yes, different football markets (Match Odds, Correct Score, etc.) can be accessed with special prefixes (football1_, football2_, etc.).

For example, if you want to delete all markets from the match where Over/Under 0.5 goals is no longer available, make this trigger:

Delete markets without Over/Under 0.5

The idea is to check any parameter of the Over/Under 0.5 market (such as the number of its selections) in the current football match. If the O/U 0.5 market is missing, then no matter which parameter you check, it will never be equal to a particular number (like 2 in this case), so any market from this match will be automatically deleted.

The second condition is needed to wait for a few refreshes just to make sure that O/U 0.5 starts refreshing before the markets are deleted (otherwise they might be deleted before the program could realise that the market does exist).

4. How to lift the limit of maximum 300 markets per a Market Locator search?

We cannot guarantee the stability of MarketFeeder if you load more than 300 markets simultaneously.

Therefore, try to narrow down the search by following one or all of the advices below:

5. How do I compare the current market prices with the prices I have in a text file?

For example, I want to place a back bet if the selection's price is lower than the one I have in the text file.

This is a very popular scenario with our customers who use tipster services.

Just use the "Import selections for auto-trading" feature, here is a step-by-step guide:

1. Create a text file with the list of selections for which you want to compare the prices. Example:

"2. Mighty Breeze"
"7. King Joy"
"8. Ratatouille"

Note: how to import selections with identical names across different markets

2. Put a TAB character next to the name of each selection followed with the price value, e.g.

"2. Mighty Breeze"    9.3
"7. King Joy"    8.0
"8. Ratatouille"    4.2

3. Add #all_active# at the end of the file:

"2. Mighty Breeze"    9.3
"7. King Joy"    8.0
"8. Ratatouille"  4.2

Save this file on a disk and in the trigger that backs add the following conditions:

Selection's Trigger Expression imported_1 is greater than 0
and Selection's Back Price is between 1.01 and imported_1

4. Load the markets where you want to place bets.

5. Import the values from the text file you created in steps 1 to 3.

See the video on how to do this (do NOT tick "Reimport every ... sec"):

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