1. How to skip a race that takes too long to settle?

There are two ways to do this.

The first one is to let your trigger know that you do not want to wait for markets that are still not settled after X minutes since they had been suspended. Depending on the trigger, you may have either this condition:

First condition

In that case, make a block:

First condition block

Alternatively, you may have this block of conditions in your trigger:

Second condition

In that case, add a new condition to that block:

Second condition

The second way is to force-settle the market using a trigger. Yes, we have a trigger action for this! But it will only work in Test Mode or Time Machine, so it’s good for quick tests of your triggers.

The trigger will determine the winner based on its last traded price (so beware of false winners sometimes, but at least you can resume your bets).

second condition block

2. There is a difference in my P/L calculation before and after the market gets settled. The “Settled P/L” is always less than it was after I placed the bet. What can it be?

Just tick “Show P/L net of exchange commission” in General Options. BetFair deducts a commission (5% by default) on all your earnings, hence the difference.

Show P/L net of commission

3. What’s the difference between Trigger’s Number of runs in the market and Trigger’s Number of runs per selection?

Let’s say you have two triggers:
“Trigger 1” and “Trigger 2”

Trigger 1 backs on the first favourite, and Trigger 2 will lay.

If you add this condition to Trigger 2:

Trigger Trigger 1 Number of runs per market is greater than 0

It will lay on all selections in the market, because for each of them this condition will be true. After all, Trigger 1 did fire in the market, didn’t it?

However, if you add this condition instead:

Trigger Trigger 1 Number of runs per selection is greater than 0

The trigger will only lay on the favourite with a back bet, because this condition will be true for that selection and false for every other.

Compare the two options in this trigger file.

4. How to prevent a trigger from firing a bet in multiple markets of the same event? E.g. I only want it to back on Over 2.5 goals, but not on Over 3.5 goals, etc.

Set the trigger to be executed:

once per sports event

5. When I load the triggers in the morning, they do not want to place bets because of the profits/losses I made the day before. How do I tell them to ignore those and start from scratch?

Add a trigger with an action “reset Win/Lose history”:

Reset Win/Lose history

6. How do I import selections from a text file if their names are identical across different events, e.g. “The Draw” in Match Odds or “1 – 2” in Forecast markets in Greyhound racing?

You need to add the name of the even in front of the selection’s name in the text file from which you will be importing. See below:

[14:48 PBarr]"1 - 2"
[15:12 Swin]"2 - 3"
[Montana v Nesebar]"The Draw"

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