How to send emails from MarketFeeder Pro to your Gmail account

What and when MarketFeeder Pro can email you

MarketFeeder Pro can notify you of important events and actions that take place during your session by sending you an email.

If you look at Settings -> Email & SMS -> Email Alerts, you can see on which occasions the program can send you emails:

In addition to the settings, or if you don't like the idea of receiving an email each time any trigger kicks in (essentially spamming your inbox), you can choose to send an email with a trigger action:

This way is more flexible as you get to choose what exactly to include in your email.

Email Configuration

In order for both of these emailing tools to work, you need to set up your email credentials.

I will use one of the most popular (and free) email service Gmail by Google to illustrate this setup.

So you input the following values in the corresponding fields in the Email & SMS settings:

SMTP Server:
SMTP Port: 465
Use authentication ON
Username: Your Gmail username (the bit before
Password: Your Gmail password
From Address: The sender address. Can be anything you want, but it is recommended to make it the same as the To Addres, to make it less likely for the email to end up in your Spam folder.
To Address: The address you want to send the email to. It does not have to be the Gmail email address.

In case you are worried about exposing your password, it is stored in MarketFeeder Pro's settings file in an encrypted format.

There is one substantial problem though: Google will most probably block MarketFeeder Pro's attempts to send email using your Gmail credentials. Next time the program makes a go, you will likely see this error message in the Program Log:

Google does not like the idea of letting just any application or service use your password to send out email (and rightly so!). To confirm your intention, you must enable sending email for "less secure applications".

If you want to avoid this or if you want to avoid saving your actual Gmail password to MarketFeeder Pro, you can generate a special application password that is as good as your "primary" one, but can be added or deleted at will without affecting your day-to-day email flow.

Generating an app password from Gmail

To generate a password you can safely use in MarketFeeder Pro, open in your browser and follow the steps below.

  1. Click on the icon with your profile logo in the top-right corner. Then press Manage your Google Account:

  2. In the window that will open, go to the Security tab and scroll down to Signing in to Google. Press the arrow to the right of App passwords:

  3. Under Select the app and device for which you want to generate the app password, select Other (Custom name) from the first drop-down list and Windows Computer from the second one.

  4. Enter the name for your new app password, such as "MarketFeeder Pro":

  5. Google will create a password and display in on screen. Copy it to the clipboard:

  6. Paste the new password into the Password field and save the settings.

You are now all set to send yourself email notifications at critical moments during your trading sessions!

When you no longer need the password, delete it from your Gmail settings:

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