The Climbing Scalper


The triggers add more resilience to your scalping. Scalping, as we remember, is placing short back and lay (or lay and back) bets on the same selection aiming to "scalp" profit off price fluctuations. You always need to back at a higher price than you lay at.

If the market goes against you after you placed your bet, the triggers will keep adding more money to your bet, aiming to green it up eventually to the specified profit. Here is the scheme for lay-then-back betting:

How the Climbing Scalper lays then backs

The back-then-lay sequence is very similar, only the trigger keeps backing higher and higher until the market stops rising and your lay bet is matched (hence the name the "Climbing" Scalper).


Click here to download the trigger file

You can adjust the settings of your triggers by using the built-in constants:

bet_size: Initial bet size (if you leave the triggers to place the first bet for you);

min_price: Minimum bet price;

max_price: Maximum bet price;

min_rank: Minimum rank of the selection to bet on;

max_rank: Maximum rank of the selection to bet on;

profit_prc: Target profit per selection, in % of the bet;

stop_mins: When to cancel all and trade out (minutes before the off);

min_drop: Min. difference in price for the initial bet (in %). Set this if you want your first bet to be placed automatically by the bot, after the price of any selection has dropped/increased by the specified percentage. Ignore it if you will place your first bet manually;

dif_min: The time in minutes over which the price must change by min_drop. Ignore it if you will place your first bet manually;

climb_tcks: How much (in ticks) the price gets worse before a new bet is placed. E.g. if you backed at 5.0 and climb_tcks = 2, then the trigger will back again when the price grows to 5.2.

Note: if you want to place your first bet manually (rather than let the triggers do this automatically), then disable the triggers called "initial Back bet" and "initial Lay bet".

Triggers in Action

This is basically what we want to achieve in the end:

Profit after green up

As you can see, the three lays bets matched at different prices were eventually greened up by one back bet.

Watch this video demonstrating how the triggers work from the start.

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