Either direction Green-Up


This is quite an interesting trigger example suggested by one of the users. Its concept is about trying to green up on a selection with whichever type of bet gets matched first (back or lay), regardless of where the market goes. In a nutshell, it can be explained as follows.


    1. The betting start from identical back and lay bets on the favourite, at 2 ticks better than the current prices.


    1. Once one of these bets get matched, the other one gets cancelled and a sequence of new bets begins.


    1. If the back bet was matched first, the trigger will attempt to green it up with a lay bet 2 ticks better than the back price.

      At the same time it will place a new back bet at a price 3 ticks higher than the previous back bet. 

      The idea behind this is as follows. Should the market go downwards, the lay bet will be matched and the selection traded out. In that case the other back bet will be cancelled and betting for that market stopped.
      Should it go upwards, the second back bet will be matched.


    1. At this point (if there are two matched back bets), the lay bet gets cancelled and placed again so as to green up the two back bets with a 2 ticks' profit.

    1. Step 3 is now repeated so that we have 3 back bets (maximum) and 1 lay bet.


If by the start of the event there are some unmatched bets, they should be retained In-Play in the hope of getting them matched (or accepting the loss).

Ideally all of your bets will be matched before the off.

If it is the lay bet that gets matched after step 1, then the opposite sequence of bets takes place, i.e. a greening up back bet, then more lay bets if the market keeps falling down, until a miaximum of 3 lay bets.


Download trigger file.

As always, you will find various constants for tuning up your triggers. You can change the offset (in ticks) for back and lay bets and the time before the start at which you want to start and stop betting. If you bet with very small bets, adjust the value of the constant named payout_dif and change it to 0.01.

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