Acting on Pressure of Money (high Lay volume vs low Back volume)


We'll back on any selection in the given price range whose LAY volume is 2 or more times as much as BACK volume.

For example, you can see on the screenshot below that the back volume of selection The Stig is equal to 6.4 + 19.8 + 49.7 = 75.9, whereas the lay volume is equal to 28.6 + 38.2 + 260 = 326.8. That's 4.3 times higher, so the bet has been placed.




Download trigger file.

The trigger is very simple: it compares the "Lay Volume" parameter of the selection with its back_volume trigger variable.

There is a constant named max_price for specifying the maximum price of the qualifying selection. You can also set the ratio of lay and back volume through the constant named mult.

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