Loss recoupment by Brad Jones

his trigger example has been kindly provided by one of MF Pro users and participants of the first Trigger Battle, Brad Jones.

He took fourth place in the competition, with pretty impressive results.

Here is what he says in addition to the trigger.

Recently I've spread myself too thin with a new job and family matters. Thus I don't have any intention to promote or sell my triggers, besides I'm not 100% sure it wasn't pure luck. So enjoy, but be reasonable, don't bet your last pants.

Right-click here to download the trigger file.

From what Brad has explained, I understood that the plan goes as follows.

Lay on the second favourite in a horse race, at 6 sec before the scheduled start. If the bet won, proceed in the same manner. If it lost, multiply the value of the loss by 2 and divide it by the number of remaining markets (in the list of markets for today's betting), then add that amount to the next bet. E.g. if it lost £100, and there are 8 remaining markets, add 100*2/8 = £25 to the next bet.

If that bet won, divide the amount won by two and reduce the loss by that amount. Then do the same thing as above - divide the total loss by the number of remaining market and add to the initial bet size. E.g. if the loss was £100, then you won £30, the next total loss to recoup will be 100 - 30/2 =  £85. So you multiply that by 2 and divide by the remaining number of markets (in our case, by 7). Then the next bet will be initial bet size + £24.3.

If one of these bets happen to lose again, the new loss adds up to the previous loss value, and the procedure is repeated in the next market. After all loss is recouped, the trigger lays the initial stake until the next loss.

Obviously the more markets you have in the list, the less is the impact of the loss on the next bet. Towards the end of the trading session this impact becomes more and more substantial and may exceed the original bet size. So you may choose to stop laying altogether if the number of remaining markets is less than a certain minimum. The number of markets in "My Markets" can be expressed through the variable market_num.

We also recommend that you stop betting as soon as you've won a certain amount of money. You can do this by configuring the corresponding "Banking" option in "Betting Options" tab.

Also, for this plan it is essential that you configure your settings in the following way.

General Options

Delete settled events automatically - turned ON

Monitoring Options

Start monitoring events at 0.1 mins before the beginning - turned ON

If you intend to bet in Test Mode, then in "Test Mode" tab activate the following option under "Event Results" and turn OFF all the other options in that group.

Download results from BetFair wherever possible and settle markets automatically.

You can discuss this trigger on the forum. Any comments and remarks are welcome as always.

Let's thank Brad for his courtesy!

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