Backing on N more goals after a promising first half


Although you will find an odd advice about not overestimating the importance of the first half, there is a certain chance that if the teams have been active in the first half of a football match, they will keep scoring in the second half. So this trigger acts on this presumption in the following way:

  1. Remember the total number of goals both teams scored in the first half. It should be no less than 2.

  2. Each team must have scored at least one goal in the first half.

  3. At the 65th minute, check the total number of goals. If it is 3 or greater and the above conditions are also met, then back on the teams to score 1 more goal, in the corresponding Over/Under X.5 Goals market.


Click here to download the trigger file.

In the constants you can set:

trigger_time : Match minute at which the bet must be placed;

min_fh_goals : Minimum number of goals to be scored in the first half;

min_goals_at_bet : Minimum number of goals for a bet (including those scored in first half);

extra_goals : The number of additional goals you want to bet on (how many more will be scored);

min_team_score : Minimum number of goals each team must score;

bet_size : Size of bet.

In Action

So let's take a look at two markets where we will test the triggers. Obviously, the simplest case of a non-qualifying market is when zero goals have been score in the first half. But here is another example of the market that does NOT fit our criteria:

The first team has not scored, so the market does not fit

As you can see, while the total number of goals is indeed 2, the first team has not scored any, and this does not meet our condition of both teams scoring (both of them need to demonstrate activity in the first half to increase the chance of scoring more goals in the second one).

Here is an example of the market that does satisfy the same condition:

Each team scored, the number of total goals is 2

In this case you can see that both teams scored, and the number of total goals by the end of the first half is also right (not less than 2). So now we are waiting for the 65th minute to arrive, so that we could back if the rest of the conditions are met:

Backing on Over 3.5 Goals

 By the 65th minute, Athletic Bilbao scored once again, so we are ready to place our bet.

The interesting point worth your attention is the choice of market to bet in. It depends on the number of goals scored so far. In the example above, there are 3 goals overall and we are backing for another goal, so this puts our back bet in the Over/Under 3.5 Goals market.

Should there have been, say, 4 goals, we would have backed in Over/Under 4.5 Goals. The triggers automatically identify the right market, so you should not worry about this. However, make sure you have added all qualifying Over/Under X.5 Goals markets to MarketFeeder Pro and are refreshing them, so that the triggers can pick the right one and place bets in it. Obviously, you need to refresh those markets where the bet can potentially be placed, e.g. if the minimum number of goals for the bet is 3, then you refresh all O/U markets starting from 3.5 goals.

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