What is the optimal configuration for MarketFeeder Pro?

If you use MarketFeeder Pro on a daily basis for automated betting in multiple markets (like it is designed), especially if you are using it on our VPS, then you should benefit from some standard recommendations as to how to configure your settings.

MarketFeeder Pro supports multiple settings profiles, so you can create one for each kind of sports/strategy and then simply switch between them.

Recommendations for all sports

If you are already a confident user of MarketFeeder Pro, you might want to activate/deactivate the following settings:

Turn off Help & Tips:

 Turn off Help & Tips

Turn off “Request confirmation for every critical operation”:

Turn off Request confirmation for every critical operation

Turn on “Allow small bets”:

Turn on Allow small bets

If you need to get access to the money traded at different prices for each selection (volume), turn on these settings:

Turn on Traded volume

It is a good idea to delay the placement and cancellation of Test Bets, so that they act similarly to real bets where delays are possible:

Turn on Delay placing Test Bets 

To insure yourself against uncontrolled loss of your bank, you can set up the profit and loss limits for your trading:

Banking options 


If you intend to use the Ladder, then tick both these settings:

Turn on Traded volume

Staking Plans

Whenever you are pursuing a staking plan that involves acting upon the results of the previous event (e.g. adding your loss to the next bet, multiplying your next bets after a loss, accumulating your profit, etc.), you need to remember these rules.

Profit/loss is calculated after a market gets settled. A settled market is not quite the same as a finished market. A finish market just stops being refreshed, whereas in a settled market the winners are established and any bets you placed are evaluated for profit or loss and then the result is transferred to (or deducted from) your account.

So under no circumstances should you delete a settled market if any of your triggers are executed in settled markets.

These triggers typically keep track of your profits/losses. Therefore, configure your General Settings in this way:

Delete all except 10 latest events 

After 10 markets have been settled in a row, it is usually safe to delete the oldest, unless you are running loss recovery in events with multiple markets, such as Over/Under markets in football. In that case, set it to delete all except 20 most recent markets.

Adding markets automatically using Market Locator

When you trade in a fully automated mode (especially if you do it remotely using a VPS), it is reasonable to let the program look for your markets and add them automatically.

We have a special tool for this, Market Locator, which is built into MarketFeeder Pro.

After you have read the basic information about Market Locator in the link provided above, go to the Monitoring Options and adjust your market search settings. For most sports and strategies we recommend searching for markets at the start of the program and then every 0.5 hours:

Scheduled market search settings 

Also, in your Market Locator search template, set to look for markets starting up to 0.05 days ahead (1 hour 12 minutes). This will save your computer resources, as it won’t look for markets that start at a distance from the current moment.

Search for up to 0.05 days ahead

Logger Options

If you intend to browse your logs remotely, make sure you configure the IP address of the computer from which you are allowed to access the logs, and set the password:

Logger Options


Most football strategies do not require the markets to be closely monitored with frequent updates of prices and volumes. So you do not need high refresh rates – 20-30 sec. is more than enough.

You will of course need to have the match score downloaded periodically, so tick that setting.

Normally you wouldn’t need to maintain a deep history of prices and volumes (it eats up memory), so set that at 0.5 min.

Unless your triggers watch the markets long before the game starts, set the program to start monitoring events at 0.5 min. before the beginning.

You will probably want to use Market Locator to automatically search and add the markets for you. In that case, configure the scheduled market search: we recommend searching every 1 hour. There are hundreds of football games on weekends, so in order to stay under the limit with Market Locator search results (no more than 300 markets at a time), adjust your search template to also search for up to 0.05 days ahead.

Football Settings 

Unless you will be using Market Locator to search for and add your matches, you will add the forthcoming football markets using the Soccer – Today’s Fixtures menu. In that case, sort the events by their start time:

Sort markets by start time 

Download a sample Football settings profile


Like in football, in tennis you do not need to watch the players every second. Prices tend to change after one of the players serves, after the end of a game, after a loss of service or at other significant moments of the game. If you set your refresh rate to 10-15 sec, that will be more than enough to let you successfully bet based on the right score, set number, etc.

Of course, you need to turn on the download of score, as most tennis strategies are made around the score, the information about the current server, games won, etc. You will know that the score is available when you see this yellow panel underneath the names of players:

Tennis score live 

Normally you wouldn’t need to maintain a deep history of prices and volumes (it eats up memory), so set that at 0.5 min.

You may want to add a trigger that automatically deletes In-Play markets without score (if your strategy is based on the score):

Delete tennis markets without score 

Download a sample Tennis settings profile

Horse Racing

With horse racing, the strategies can be much more diverse, so it’s hard to advise on particular program settings here.

If you do intensive trading that depends on price fluctuations within fractions of seconds, then set the refresh rate to the fastest possible 0.3 sec, but remember that this will create a strain on your computer resources: you will probably be unable to refresh more than a couple of market simultaneously.

Enable this group of settings if you need to check the horses’ silks (or disable if you don’t):

Horse Racing settings

If your strategy is based around betting in Win and Place markets (or somehow connecting them by checking their data), make sure you add both types of markets in your Market Locator search template:

Horse Racing Market Locator 

Untick “Download match score” and “Download tennis score”: you obviously don’t need them.

If you are measuring how the price of some of the horses has increased/decreased over time (using pdif_{minute} or lpdif_{minute} variables) set your default history depth to a number that is at least equal to that time. For example, if you want to track the decrease in price over 4 minutes, your market history depth should be at least 4.1 min:

Horse Racing settings

If you keep an eye on the horse’s additional information (silks), such as form, jockey, age/weight, etc., you will benefit from viewing the market in the Race Mode:

Show markets in Race mode

Here is an example of a horse race market in Race Mode:

A market in Race mode

Download a sample Horse Racing settings profile.

Greyhound Races

 In Greyhound races you rarely have the opportunity to bet at In-Play. The market just goes suspended until the very end. Thus there is no need to set a high refresh rate for In-Play.

Besides, the money starts flowing into the market only at about 1 minute before the start, so until then the prices are usually very imbalanced (there is a huge gap between the back and lay prices).

So I’d recommend to start refreshing them at 1 minute before the off.

The standard Market Locator template for adding the whole day’s list of Greyhound races is below:

Add all Greyhounds 

Download a sample Greyhound Racing settings profile

Warning against commercial data usage!

Please be aware that if you monitor a significant number of markets for a while (if you refresh prices and volumes) without placing any bets with real money, BetFair may flag your account for commercial data usage. This in effect means that they think you are collecting data with an intention to sell it, and that you are not a genuine BetFair user.

Therefore, make sure you make real bets at least in some of the markets you are monitoring. Do not use MarketFeeder Pro in Test Mode only (although it is certainly recommended to do so when you are just making your first steps).

How to use the profile?

We assume that you have already installed MarketFeeder Pro. If you haven’t, please do.

Then unpack the zip file you have downloaded into the following folder:

C:\Users\%username%\MarketFeeder Pro 8\profiles\

You will find the new settings profile under the corresponding name in the drop-down list when you next log in to MarketFeeder Pro.

Choosing the settings profile

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