1. What are these strange prices in the Ladder, such as 9.24, 11.27, etc.?

Prices after reduction factor

The traded prices that do not fit into the standard tick ladder are the result of one or more runners withdrawn from the market. Each runner has a reduction factor, i.e. a percentage that will be cut off the price of any matched bets placed in the market in case the runner is no longer competing. So if a withdrawn runner’s reduction factor is 2.73% and you previously backed £10 at 9.5 on some selection, the price of the matched bet will be changed to 9.5*(100% - 2.73%) = 9.24.

2. How to find a horse whose price has fallen below a certain point, say 2.0, after it started with a price of 20+.

When you start monitoring the market, remember the prices of all selections at 20.0 or higher. The variable scope “Individually per selection” will allow you to do this.

Then in another trigger keep checking the prices of all selections against which the first trigger has been executed. To that end, use the following condition:

Trigger {trigger name} Number of runs per selection is greater than 0

Download the triggers for finding a horse whose price has dropped from 20 to 2.

3. How to check if the current market is the last in my list (My Markets)?

The last market in My Markets

You need to check this condition:

Selection’s Trigger Expression market_id is equal to mr_market_num_market_id

Here market_id is the ID of the market, market_num is the number of markets in My Markets and the mr_{number}_ prefix allows you to address a market in the number’s position in the list. This way you check if the ID of the current market is equal to the ID of the last market in the list.

4. How to get the selection whose price has increased the most over the last X minutes?

Selection's Back Price Dif. over X mins is the maximum

Where X is the number of minutes over which to register the increase in price. Accordingly, to get the selection with the maximum drop of the price over X minutes, use this pair of conditions:

Selection’s Back Price Dif. over X mins is less than 0
and Selection's Back Price Dif. over X mins is the minimum

5. How do I set the triggers to work only with markets that start within a certain time interval, e.g. the first half of each hour?

Date and time in MarketFeeder Pro is handled in the same way as in Excel. One day is 1.0, and so an hour is 1.0/24 = 0.04167. By performing various arithmetic operations, you can find out where the start time of an event stands in terms of fractions of a day/hour.

This is to give you the number of minutes in the start time of the event:

Number of minutes = (event_start - INTEGER(event_start*1000000/41666.66667)*0.0416666667)/0.000694444

For instance, if an event starts at 16:47, this expression will return approximately 47. I say “approximately” because of the error that will inevitably creep into the calculation as we’re dealing with floating point numbers.

To respond to the actual question:

Selection’s Trigger Expression (event_start - INTEGER(event_start*1000000/41666.66667)*0.0416666667)/0.000694444 is less than 30

To get the number of hours in the start time, use this expression:

Number of hours = INTEGER((event_start - INTEGER(event_start))/0.0416666667)

E.g. if an event starts at 11:15, this will return 11.

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