1. My MF Pro goes through a spike of CPU usage every couple of seconds. What could be causing it?

This is likely due to a huge number of log files, particularly trigger logs, accumulated in your system. Remove the log files you no longer need by configuring the At the start of the program clear log records older than ... days option in Logger Options. For example, if you don’t need logs from the day before yesterday, set this to 1 day.

Clear all old logs

2. Can Dutching stakes be expressed through a single stake with the equivalent size and price?

Yes, any number of Dutching stakes can be reduced to a single bet with equivalent properties, i.e. identical size and profit/liability.

The size of the bet obviously will be equal to the sum of the Dutching bets.

The price of the bet can be calculated using the formula:

For backing:

Price = profit/liability + 1

For laying:

Price = liability/profit + 1

We can work this out by referring to the Single-Market Dutching Formulae.

So in the general case:

Equivalent price = (100 - book)/book + 1

Where book is the sum of the chances to win (100/price) of all the selections involved in the Dutching. If it is a back Dutching, you need to add up back chances (100/back_price), and if you lay instead of backing, you need to add up lay chances.

Here is an example for back bets:

back Dutching bets - an equivalent price

Let’s verify this: $11.07 * (1.9 - 1) = $9.963. After accounting for the calculation error (in fact, the result of the division is 1.904, not 1.9) and the exchange commission, you get $9.5, just like on the screenshot.

3. Is there a way to only have one bet at a time and wait for previous bets to be settled?

Here is the proven scheme of preventing new bets from being placed before your current bets have been settled. We use this scheme in all triggers created for Triggers in Action and customer trigger requests.

1. Create a trigger that sets up a user variable called bet_cntr (you can use any other valid name). The value should be equal to 0, the trigger applied "Globally".

2. In the betting trigger, add an action which sets bet_cntr to 1. Important: this action must be on top of other actions.

In the conditions of the betting trigger, add this block:

   Selection's Trigger Expression bet_cntr is equal to 0
   or Previously Triggered Event's Minutes Before the Off is less than -100

The second condition in this block is needed to push the triggers ahead if an event has never been settled (e.g. an abandoned race).

3. Create another trigger that sets bet_cntr to 0 once the event is settled. So Market Status should be "Settled" and in the conditions add:

Trigger {name of the betting triggger} Number of runs per market is greater than 0

Download the trigger template for preventing simultaneous bets.

4. Looking at the graph, we see a grey line that should be the trendline of some kind. What is the numerical representation of this trendline?


The variables for trends are vol_trend for volume trend and lt_trend for last traded price trend.

They take values from -0.999 to 0.999, representing a downtrend and an uptrend respectively. If any of this variable is around zero, it means the relevant measure is not changing at the moment.

Their timeframe is equal to the market history depth.

5. Is it possible to slow down the refresh of a suspended market, for example with a Greyhound race that has already begun?

The rate at which a market is refreshed when it is suspended is the same as when the market is Idle. Therefore, you can use a trigger to alternate between the two rates using the “set market’s idle refresh” action.

Download a trigger for alternating between different refresh rates for Idle and Suspended markets.

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