1. How to automatically add all Match Odds and Correct Score markets to My Markets?

You will need to use Market Locator to create and run a market search template. Please see the sequence of steps below:

Open Market Locator.

Click Market Locator

Create a new search template:

Create a new search template

Alternatively, select from a previously saved or ready-to-use search template:

Select a ready-to-use search template

Edit or add search conditions. Then press Save as to save this search template. You can do a test search just to make sure that at least a few markets meet your criteria.

Edit search conditions and save

Open Settings -> Monitoring Options. Look for the Scheduled Market Search section.

Load the search template you have prepared above. Configure the time and frequency of search. Save the settings.

Configure Scheduled Search

You're all set! Your markets will be loaded into My Markets after the next scheduled search!

Market Locator has loaded the markets

2. How can I check a condition against a selection with the second maximum [volume/last traded price/any other parameter]?

First, if you need a selection with the maximum value of some parameter, you can just add this condition:

Selection’s [parameter] is the maximum
and [other conditions go here]

But what if you need to pick the second maximum value?

There is a special condition in the triggers that allows you to sort matching selections by any selection parameter or trigger expression:

Selection’s Sorting order is defined by [expression]

Using this condition, you can sort the previously picked selections by [expression] in ascending order.

Sorting order is defined by

If you need to sort them in descending order, you can use 1/([expression] + 0.00009). The 0.00009 bit is needed to prevent division by 0 in case [expression] evaluates to zero.

After you have added the sorting condition, the next one will pick the selection that comes second in the sorted list:

and Selection’s Trigger Expression match_index is equal to 2

The match_index variable returns the index of the matching selection.

So the final trigger will look like this:

Backing on the second highest volume

Download the trigger file.

3. How can I delete unneeded markets using triggers?

Always try to delete a market as soon as you lost interest in it, e.g. when you are certain you will never bet in it.

To do this, add a trigger with an action delete market and add the necessary conditions.

For example, if you only bet before the off, you will want to delete a market that has turned In-Play and does not have any bets in it:

Delete markets without bets

Download the trigger file.

Another common use case is when you want to delete markets in which a certain trigger has never been executed:

Delete markets in which the trigger has not been executed

Download the trigger file

4. Why does MarketFeeder Pro sometimes place back bets along with lay bets?

Compensation back bet

Bets below the minimum amount (£2) are placed differently than bets above the minimum.

Very small lay bets cannot be possibly placed without BetFair rejecting them. You can read more about these recent changes in BF's algorithms here:

Compensation bets for small lay bets

Therefore, to imitate a lay bet of the desired amount, MF Pro will first place a bigger lay bet and then add a compensation back bet to generate just the right liability as a result.

You can avoid this behaviour by increasing the amounts of your bets and/or by increasing the base price for your small bets. Read about the base price in one of our release notes.

Small bets configuration

5. How to use Market Locator to add markets with certain ids or exclude markets from certain leagues?

In both cases, you can use the condition operator contains values in file.

All you need to do is to prepare files with the list of market IDs:

List of market IDs

and another file with the list of leagues.

List of market leagues

Please mind that if the file contains special characters (such as Cyrillic letters or apostrophes), you need to save it in UTF-16 LE encoding.

Market Locator search in text file

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