1. How do I check if the horse is trained by a certain trainer and driven by a certain jockey, by checking their names?

The names of trainers and jockeys sometimes contain name and surname, and sometimes initials and surnames. See a typical example below:

Trainer name 

So the correct condition would be:

Selection's Jockey's Name is in list "Masayuki Abe", "Name2", "Name3"
and Selection's Trigger Expression "silk_trainer" is in list "Scott Cooper", "Name2", "Name3"

Note how you also need to take silk_trainer in double quotes, because this variable is also a text variable.

It is a much better idea to just put them in text files (one name on each line, in double quotes) and use these conditions: 

Selection's Trigger Expression "silk_jockey" is in file {path to file 1}
and Selection's Trigger Expression "silk_trainer" is in file {path to file 2}

If you want to look for surnames only, i.e. parts of their full names, you can use:

  Selection's Trigger Expression FIND("Abe", "silk_jockey") is greater than 0
  or Selection's Trigger Expression FIND("Yadi", "silk_jockey") is greater than 0


  Selection's Trigger Expression FIND("Cooper", "silk_trainer") is greater than 0
  or Selection's Trigger Expression FIND("Bailey", "silk_trainer") is greater than 0

Download the example triggers.

2. How do I tell the triggers to only make bets until May?

MarketFeeder Pro cannot understand the 3-letter notation of months, so you'll have to use the full date notation like this:

Global Current Time is less than 01/05/2019

3. How can I check that I have no exposure (no open bets placed in the markets)?

Hello! The general formula is:

Selection's Trigger Expression IF(test_mode = 1, test_balance, balance) is equal to IF(test_mode = 1, test_funds, total_funds)

A simpler way to check if you have any bets placed in any of your markets (although they must be loaded into the program) is to check the allbets_num variable:

Selection's Trigger Expression allbets_num is equal to 0

4. How do I enter a condition “The first goal was scored after the 50th minute?”

You need two triggers to check that. The first trigger makes sure that the score was still 0 – 0 at around the 50th minute.

The second trigger then checks if the score is more than 0 – 0 after the 50 th minute, provided that the first trigger was executed.

See the triggers below:

Check score after 50th minute

5. How do I check that there is enough amount offered at the three best lay prices on my selection?

Use this condition:

Selection’s Trigger Expression lay_amount + lay_amount2 + lay_amount3 is equal or greater than min_amount

Where min_amount is the minimum amount required.

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