1. How to find out if all markets of a football match have been settled (especially in situations when some of them are already settled and some are still suspended)

You can address different markets of the same football match by their prefixes. For example, for Over/Under markets those are prefixes from football6_ (0.5 goals) through to football14_ (8.5 goals).

Consequently, you can check the value of the market_inplay variable in those markets, and if it is equal to 3 (this number corresponds to the Settled state of a market), it will mean that the markets are settled and you can proceed with your triggers.

Selection's Trigger Expression football6_market_inplay is equal to 3
and Selection's Trigger Expression football7_market_inplay is equal to 3


Naturally, you check the state of only those markets that actually participate in your triggers.

2. What is the difference between “Trigger’s number of runs per market” and “Trigger’s number of runs per selection” in trigger conditions?

The number of runs per market is the number of times the trigger fired in the particular market, regardless of how many selections it affected. If your trigger is set to fire “once per market”, it will naturally be executed only one time (if ever). If it is set to fire “no more often than x sec”, then it may be executed more than once.

But this number is never multiplied by the number of selections the trigger was applied to. For example, if you have a Dutching trigger which backs on the first three favourites, then once it has fired, the number of its runs per market will be equal to 1, not 3.

The number of runs per selection, on the other hand, is the number of selections that have been the object of the trigger action. In the example above, the number of runs per selection will be equal to 3.

You can use the two conditions side by side when you want to find selections that did NOT participate in a trigger, provided that the trigger did kick in after all.

Example: suppose, a trigger called “find drifters” remembers all horses whose price has increased by 10% over the last 15 minutes in a race that has £1000 in traded volume at 30 minutes before the off.

How to back on the horses which were not detected by that trigger, but to make sure that the trigger did fire nonetheless (because of the volume condition)? You check the following conditions:

Trigger find drifters Number of runs per market is greater than 0
and Trigger find drifters Number of runs per selection is equal to 0

3. After I adjust some settings (e.g. change the default refresh rate or edit the default bet size), nothing changes in my markets. What do I do?

The settings available in the Settings window are the default program settings. They take effect in every new market you will add, but not in the existing market already in My Markets list. To apply default settings to those markets, select them all, right-click and choose “Apply default settings”

Apply default settings

4. How to check the number of selections that satisfied the trigger conditions?

The number of selections that have passed all the previous conditions can be accessed via the matching_number variable.

So if you want to go ahead if at least 3 selections meet your criteria, you can add this condition at the bottom (after all other conditions in the trigger):

Selection’s Trigger Expression matching_number is equal or greater than 3

5. How to run two trigger systems simultaneously?

Read this article:

Running two trigger systems simultaneously

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