1. How to check whether the previous market has been settled and any bets in it transferred to/from my account?

Previous Event’s Status is Settled

2. Does market_tradeout takes into account the bets I placed and closed previously?

No, it shows you the net P/L you will earn or lose from closing the currently open bets. We are working on adding another variable that will also add up any existing profit/loss from the bets you have already closed.

3. What is the formula for rounding up a number in MarketFeeder Pro?

There is no dedicated function for this at the moment, but you can use this formula to get the same results:


4. How to address the third selection in the list, e.g. The Draw in Match Odds? How to address the third favourite, i.e. the selection with the third lowest price?

Use the prefixes s_3_ and r_3_ respectively.

5. Does Time Machine include SP prices in Greyhounds and Horse Racing?

Yes, Time Machine offers actual SP prices (after the market turns In-Play) for those markets where they are available. However, far SP and near SP data are not part of the historical data plan we are using. If you require these values, you need to contact BetFair directly and ask for details on the PRO Historical Data plan:

BetFair Historical Data Plans

6. How to make a trigger place Dutching bets only if the potential profit is at least X% of the potential loss from the Dutching?

The Dutching formulae are available on our website:

Single-Market Dutching Formulae

To cut it short, here are the necessary conditions:

For Backing:

Selection’s Trigger Expression (100 - match_b_book)/match_b_book is equal or greater than X/100

For Laying:

Selection’s Trigger Expression match_l_book/(100 - match_l_book) is equal or greater than X/100

7. How to delete football matches played by women and players under 21 y.o.?

There is currently no way to directly find out any information about the match players from the BetFair API. However, you can make assumption based on the full name of the market, e.g.

Standard Liege (Y) v KSC Lokeren (Y)

In the name of the match above you can see the (Y) pattern next to the name of each team. This means “Youth,” that is, this game is part of a youth league.

Another example is:

Australia (W) v Chile (W)

The “(W)” bit indicates that this match is played by women (female players).

So to delete certain markets from your list, you can create a trigger that deletes markets with predefined name patterns.

Conditions for deleting women's football matches

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