Horse racing volume before and after the off

Here is an interesting snippet from BFCharts.

If you look at horse racing market graphs before and after the off, you will spot a remarkable difference between the intensity of matched volume growth just before the market starts, and its rather slow inflow after the market turns In-Play.

You would think that exchange players would be more impulsive in their betting patterns at In-Play, yet the height of the volume bars hardly reaches up to half of what it is before the off.

Arranging market selections on the screen

BetFair arranges selections (horses, dogs, teams, etc.) on the screen according to their internal algorithm. With football, it is a fixed order of selections, such as The Draw always being the third in the Match Odds market. With horse races and Greyhound races, it is usually the anticipated favourite first, although this is not always true for Australian horse races, or the trap number.

You can change this sorting order and arrange the selections the way you want it, using selection’s properties, such as:

This short video explains how to do this in MarketFeeder Pro:

How to place a delayed bet in MarketFeeder Pro

You often ask whether MarketFeeder supports delayed bets or pending orders.

What is it all about? You leave an order for a bet that should be placed only when the price of your selection has “deteriorated” beyond the specified threshold.

For example, right now the price is 5.0, and you want to place a delayed BACK bet at 4.0, or a delayed LAY bet at 8.0.

But here’s a catch: the online exchange. i.e. BetFair, does NOT have native support for delayed bets. It will always seek to match your bet at the best possible price. Therefore, your back bet at 4.0 it will immediately match at 5.0 without waiting or asking you about your intentions.

Luckily, with MarketFeeder Pro, you can place a delayed bet using a simple trigger.

This video demonstrates how to place delayed back and lay bets on BetFair.

You will see the trigger setup and how the triggers kick in at the right moments.

Download the delayed bets triggers to play with it on your own.

How to spot a service break in tennis using triggers?

How to register a situation when a player lost a game they were serving in?

Watch this video to see how a trigger automatically trades out after a serving player loses a game.

If you want to create a trigger yourself, use the following conditions:

Selection's Trigger Expression tennis_current_server is equal to 3 - sel_index
AND Selection's Trigger Expression tennis_player_games_won is equal to tennis_p_player_games_won
AND Any Other Selection's Trigger Expression other_tennis_player_games_won is greater than other_tennis_p_player_games_won

With the first condition, you demand that the index of the serving player (trigger variable tennis_current_server) does not equal to the index of the player you are betting on (sel_index).

With the second condition, you make sure that the number of games your player has won (trigger variable tennis_player_games_won) has not changed compared to the previous game (tennis_p_player_games_won) before one of the players won it. In other words, the condition is for your player NOT to win the previous game.

Using the third condition, you request that the other player did win the previous game. The prefix other_ tells the program to check the selection variable for the other selection and not for the one the trigger is acting on.

Download a ready-to-use trigger here.

If you are interested how much tennis green-up strategies can earn you, check our statistical report we have generated based on thousands of real tennis markets:

Greening up the favourite player by the start of the 2nd set

How to place Dutching bets and green them up

Today we are looking at two hot BetFair trading techniques at once (and none of them is about triggers!)

Have you ever tried first placing some Dutching bets and then greening them up with profit? Easy-peasy if you have special instruments for that!

You can turn on automated greening up in any market: it will track all “open” bets and automatically trade them out with the profit margin you’ll specify.

At the same time, you can place Dutching bets on the chosen group of selections, with a ton of extra settings.

Now, just combine the two techniques to perform the following within seconds: first place Dutching bets at prices that are better than the market ones. Then green up the bets, aiming to green up as many as possible, to achieve maximum profit.

Curious how this is even possible? Watch the video until the end, as we will be BACKING in the first half and LAYING in the second one.

I once looked into the combination of Dutching and greening up in one of my Triggers in Action.

You can read the performance report and download a trigger set to try here:

Lay Dutching on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th favourites on horse racing with green-up

For ready-to-use profit/loss predictions for Dutching strategies in horse racing, check out:

Dutching on horses of chosen favourite ranks

If you wonder what Dutching is, here is a useful article:

Single-Market Dutching Formulas

Writing to the action log with triggers

Did you know you can use triggers to write down to the program log any information you need for later analysis, including any data you need for debugging your strategy.

To do this, add a trigger action “write to action log” and add the text and data you want to write. You can add both plain text and trigger expressions with arithmetic operators and variables. Make sure to enclose expressions and variables in square brackets, so that the program can distinguish them from plain text.

The screenshots below show an example of such trigger:

A formula builder with sample data to write into the log:

And the log output:

Use this feature often!

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