1. I am trying to protect my triggers with a password/software key, but it does not generate the protected file.

You need to be logged in to MarketFeeder Pro in order to be able to use trigger protection. You cannot use this feature when working in the Triggers Editor in a standalone mode (i.e. by double-clicking a trigger file), you need to open the Editor from inside MarketFeeder Pro.

Triggers Editor

2. How to find a selection whose volume has increased by X% of the total market volume over the specified period of time?

Selection's Trigger Expression voldif_increase_time is equal or greater than rel_increase*market_volume/100

Where increase_time is the period of time in minutes (user-defined constant) and rel_increase is the minimum increase in percentage of the market volume.

3. How do I remove the Martingale loss recovery from my triggers? I just want to bet a fixed percentage of my bank.

To bet with a fixed percentage of your bank instead of using the Martingale loss recovery, simply disable the triggers that alter the variable which acts as a loss counter. Normally, this variable is called current_lss, so look for any trigger that changes the value of this variable and simply disable them.

Remove loss recovery

4. Sometimes in the middle of a football game, the game is suspended and a 'cheer' as if a goal was scored but when I check my statement later, this goal is not there. What is happening?

Yes, unfortunately sometimes BetFair records a false goal for some matches and later cancels that goal. For example, it shows that a goal was scored at the 41st minute, and at the 42nd it's 0 - 0 again. It could be due to a referee disallowing that goal as a result of a scorer's fault.

Luckily, such matches are very rare.

5. Can I import several values from a text file for each dog on which I want to bet? E.g. the price and amount of the bet?

Yes, sure, you can import as many values as you want, the important thing is to separate them from each other and the name of the selection with a Tab character. Example:

"5. After Shock"  3.2          2
"1. Im Sober"     1.8          2
"4. Russmur Loch"          7.2          2.5
"5. A Bit Ofa Breeze"      5.5          2
"5. Hillview Boy"          1.56        8
"6. Stop The Music"        2.12        3

After you have imported the list of your selections from a text file, you can access the imported values in imported_1 and imported_2 variables. And if you import more values for each selection, there will be imported_3, imported_4, etc.

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