1. My trigger is set to green up the favourite after 15 seconds since the off. However, sometimes I get this picture, i.e. the selections have unequal P/L. What could be the matter?

BetFair improves the price of your bet

There is an ever-present chance of the market prices moving either direction, especially at In-Play and/or with high-liquidity markets, such as UK horse races. Therefore, the price offered by the trigger may be different from the actual price in the market by the time the bet has reached BetFair.

If the actual price is worse than your offer, your bet will remain unmatched. If, on the other hand, it is better than your offer, the exchange will automatically improve your bet and match it at the best available price. Thus you will get a greater profit on your selection because you match your bet at privileged odds.

In the picture above, the trigger has probably backed at a lower price (less than 4.9). To find out for sure, just check the trigger logs:

Check trigger logs

You can see that the bet was sent at the price of 4.8. Let’s calculate the extra profit you will get from this bet:

17.92*(4.9 – 4.8) = 1.79

Indeed, the P/L of Echo Cove is greater than that of the rest of selections: 

3.69 – 1.98 = 1.71

which is 1.79 – 5% commission.

2. Can I monitor the potential profit from a trade-out on several markets and green up as soon as this total profit is greater than X? For example, green up in both Match Odds and Correct Score as soon as their cumulative “what if” P/L is greater than 5?

Yes, you can check the sum of potential tradeout profits of the markets you are interested in. in your case, create a trigger with the action “trade out”, to be performed “once per market”. In the conditions of the trigger, among others (if required), add this one:

Selection’s Trigger Expression football1_market_tradeout + football2_market_tradeout is greater than 5

So even if one of the markets result in loss, the other one will compensate it.

Better still, you can (and should) add the exchange commission to this equation:

Selection’s Trigger Expression football1_market_tradeout *IF(football1_market_tradeout>0,  (1-football1_commission), 1) + football2_market_tradeout*IF(football2_market_tradeout>0, (1-football2_commission), 1) is greater than 5

3. Can I automatically delete markets that have not met my conditions and never generated any bets?

Yes, you can delete a non-qualifying market at any suitable time. For example, if you are looking to bet only before In-Play, you can delete the market immediately as it turns In-Play, provided that the intended trigger has never been executed in it.

To that end, create a trigger with the action “delete market” and add a condition that checks if the betting trigger has been executed there:

Delete non-qualifying markets

It is recommended to delete markets as soon as you no longer need them (note, however, that you should not delete settled markets during a loss recovery plan).

4. Can I tell the trigger NOT to lay in Match Odds against the Draw if 0 – 0 in Correct Score has a price below 10.0?

Yes, but if you want a trigger to NOT do something, you’d rather tell it WHEN to do it instead. So if you want to bet only if 0 – 0 in Correct Score is actually above the price of 10.0, you add this condition to your trigger:

Selection’s Trigger Expression football2_s_1_back_price is equal or greater than 10

Note how you address the 0 – 0 selection with a prefix football2_ for Correct Score and then s_1_ for the first selection in the list (0 – 0 always comes first).

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