The difference between Selection’s, Any Other Selection’s, All Other Selections’, Every Selection’s and At Least One Selection’s

Whoever gets to know MarketFeeder Pro for the first time, tends to dread the multiple options available to them when they start working on their first trigger.

One of the major conundrums for beginners is choosing the right option for the Selection’s field in trigger conditions:

Selections in a trigger condition

Let’s shed some light onto the difference between all these “Selections”.


This one picks each selection in the list and then checks the conditions against it. What is in the list it picks from, depends on what you’ve set for the Selections property:

Selections field in a trigger

If it’s All Matching Selections, then the trigger will check each selection in the market that meets your previous conditions. If you put Selection’s in the first condition, then all selections in the market will be checked, and those that match the criteria will be considered “matching”. The next condition will then look among those “matching” ones. Basically, Selection’s works as a filter:

Selection’s Back Price is greater than 5
and Selection’s Rank is less than 2

The first condition picks all selections priced > 5.0

The second one picks the first and seconds favourites out of the ones that matched the first condition. If the first and second favs are prices less than 5.0, these conditions will produce zero matching selections.

Any Other Selection’s

This one literally takes any other selections, apart from the one you have picked, and checks the conditions against them. If they satisfy the condition, the selection to which they are “other” is considered as “matching”.

It’s like when you and your girlfriend go to a restaurant, and when the waiter asks you what you would like to eat. You both crave for italian pasta. Having inspected the pasta menu, you notice that spaghetti Bolognese costs £9.0, while pasta with cheese and tomato is only £6.0. Not willing to lose face in front of your GF by ordering the cheapest option, you choose the Bolognese. This way, the spaghetti Bolognese has been the only matching selection:

Selection's ingredients contain pasta
and Any Other Selection's other_price is greater than selection's price

A typical example would be to check a settled market in order to establish if a particular horse has NOT won in a race. You would check if the horse’s winning place is 0 and any other horse’s place is 1. Because if every horse’s place is zero, then it means the race has not finished yet.

Selection’s Trigger Expression sel_place is equal to 0
and Any Other Selection’s Trigger Expression other_sel_place is equal to 1.

Note how you add the prefix other_ in front of any selection variable you want to use to define that “other” selection. It will let the program know that you mean the other selection, not the matching one. Compare to these conditions:

Selection’s Trigger Expression sel_place is greater than 0
and Any Other Selection’s Trigger Expression other_sel_place is greater than sel_place.

All Other Selections

This option is very similar to the previous one, except that it implies that absolutely all selections, other than the matching one, meet the condition.

If we imagine a different restaurant situation, you could ask the waiter if there is any other pasta with meat, except the spaghetti Bolognese. The waiter’s response could be “no, all other pastas are either vegetarian or seafood”. In that case, his response could be formalised in the following way:

Selection (Bolognese) contains meat
and All Other Selections (all other pasta dishes on the menu) do not contain meat

All Other Selections

In terms of betting, suppose you want to lay on a selection if it is the only selection with a matched back bet. You could do this by adding these conditions:

Selection’s Back Matched is greater than 0
and All Other Selections’ Back Matched is equal to 0

Or using trigger variables:

Selection’s Trigger Expression back_matched is greater than 0
and All Other Selections’ other_back_matched is equal to 0

Every Selection’s

Unlike simply Selection’s, this condition does not work as a filter, but rather as a switch: Yes/No. If every selection in the market meets the condition, then the trigger will go on to checking the next condition or to actually performing its action if it was the last condition in the list. If, however, there is any selection that fails to meet the criteria, the resulting number of matching selections will be zero, and the trigger will not perform.

Example: you want to restart your green-up cycle (where you lay then back to an equal profit) only after there are no unmatched bets on any of the selections. You would then make sure that:

Every Selection’s Back Unmatched is equal to 0
and Every Selection’s Lay Unmatched is equal to 0

At Least One Selection’s

As the name suggests, this option looks for at least one (there could be more) selection that satisfies the criteria. It is also a Yes/No switch, not a filter.

How is this option different from Any Other Selection’s? Here’s an example.

Selection’s Rank is equal to 1
and Selection’s Lay Matched is greater than 0
and At Least One Selection’s Back Matched is greater than 0

The above trigger will pick the favourite if it has a matched lay bet and if you have any matched back bets in this whole market. You could have placed both back and lay bets on that favourite alone. Or you could lay on the favourite and then back on the second favoruite. Either way, the trigger will work.

Selection’s Rank is equal to 1
and Selection’s Lay Matched is greater than 0
and Any Other Selection’s Back Matched is greater than 0

This trigger will only work if there is a lay bet on the favourite and a back bet (or several of them) on the rest of the selections. Unlike the previous trigger, here it matters that the back bet be placed on any other selection that is not a favourite. You may also back on the favourite, but if you did not back on any other selection, the trigger won't work.

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