Time Machine for MarketFeeder Pro

Time Machine for MarketFeeder Pro is a unique tool for backtesting your trading strategies based on realistic market data.

With Time Machine you get a 24/7 access to various sports events that took place in the past and were represented as BetFair markets. You can run them over and over as many times as you need. You can watch the prices and place bets, and then clear them and start the process over. Combine this with triggered betting – and you get an absolutely indispensable instrument for testing staking plans and trading techniques!

Watch these video tutorials on working with historical data to get to grips with Time Machine in a few minutes.

Testing a staking plan with Time Machine

Getting started with Time Machine

Testing a tennis strategy with Time Machine

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What users think about Time Machine

I have these past two days subscribed to Time Machine and bought a few events to test my triggers on.

I have to say this is a brilliant piece of software and for those of you who haven't tried it yet and are serious about trigger betting, I would say go give it a try. The cost is minimal but the benefits in time saved is enormous. What took me weeks testing in test mode I can do in a day or two.

Well done WELL DONE on this achievement and I must have had rocks in my head for not trying it sooner. Having said that I may not have an award winning trigger but I can quickly eliminate angles that don't work.

Cheers and Thanks,

Time Machine is an absolute delight for testing triggers. It saves so much time and waiting around for suitable markets. A real treat. Thank you.


How can Time Machine help me test strategies?

As it is obvious from its name, Time Machine can take you back and forth in time, and you can speed it up or slow it down. How does it work? You choose the markets you are interested in from our virtual events tree. The program automatically builds a timeline which starts with the first event and ends with the last one. You will see this timeline on your screen and be able to move a slider to get to any particular point in time.

Once you start Time Machine, it’ll tick off “seconds” and move along the timeline with the chosen speed. The markets will behave according to the current virtual time, i.e. go into an Idle state, then get suspended, then turn In-Play and finally finish and get their outcome settled. At any chosen moment you can pause the Time Machine, move its slider back or forth and resume it from the new time. When it reaches the end of the timeline, it’ll stop automatically.

Benefits? Endless! To name just a few…

MarketFeeder Pro with Time Machine


  1. What do I need to start working with Time Machine?

    First, you need to register at the online exchange BetFair and deposit some funds into your account at least once. After this you will get access to various betting bots, including Time Machine. You will also need to subscribe to MarketFeeder Pro.

  2. What is the source of the market historical data in Time Machine?

    The data are recorded by our server-side software in real-time mode. All figures are downloaded from the BetFair API server, with full compliance to their Historical Data Licence.

  3. How many markets can I load?

    You can load as many markets as you want, subject to their availability in the virtual events tree. The timeframe of Time Machine will be automatically adjusted to contain all the markets you’ll add to your list.

  4. Can I work with Time Machine when offline?

    Once you have successfully logged in, you can switch off the Internet and continue working offline. We need you to stay online at the logging-in stage for authorisation purposes.
    Event Tree in Time Machine

  5. How easy is it to go back and forth in time?

    You can move along the timeline using a slider. You will see the start and end of the current time frame, and your current position. You can also jump to the previous or next market, or even enter the exact time value.
    Timeline in Time Machine

  6. How will my bets be treated?

    You can place test bets just like you would if you were betting in Test Mode in the regular bot. The test bets’ profit and liability will be calculated by the program and your available test funds will be adjusted accordingly. When you restart Time Machine, all your bets will be cleared automatically.

  7. Can I apply automated trading to the markets running via Time Machine?

    Absolutely! All trading tools, such as triggers, Green-Up, Dutching, Stop-Loss and plain manual betting work in the exact same way as if they would if you were using the program in real-time mode.

  8. Can I trust Time Machine? Is it a veritable piece of software?

    Yes, Time Machine has been thoroughly checked and verified by BetFair, including all kinds of security checks. The BetFair technicians have assigned this program a special ID which means that Time Machine is an authorised program. If in doubts, please feel free to contact them directly and make inquiries.

  9. How much does it cost? Do I have to pay for the market data?

    The subscription to the Time Machine plugin costs £6 per month.

    As part of your Time Machine subscription, you will get a package of free events across different sports to test your initial strategies.

    If you need extra markets, you can purchase them under the terms described below.

    Time Machine operates under the BetFair Historical Data Licence. As per the rules of this licence, every meeting of any sports available in Time Machine has a fixed price. A "meeting" is a term that corresponds to any sports event that took place in the past and was represented on BetFair. A meeting may have one or more markets associated with it. For example, a horse racing meeting will normally have win and place markets for all races that took place in a particular venue on a particular date, a football meeting will have such markets as "Match Odds", "Correct Score", "Half Time" and so on.

    Data Prices

    Here is the current price list for the meetings on offer:

    Sport Price per meeting Refresh frequency
    Horse Racing (UK & IRE)£0.5 (In-Play with race status)
    £0.25 (non-In-Play)
    1 sec
    Horse Racing (Other), including UAE, Singapore, RSA, USA and France£0.14
    Greyhound£0.141 sec
    Soccer £0.5 (In-Play markets with score)
    £0.25 (markets without score)
    1 sec
    Each event is limited to the following markets:
    • Match Odds
    • Correct Score
    • Over/Under 0.5 to 8.5 goals
    • First Half Goals 0.5 to 2.5
    • Half Time
    • Half Time Score
    • Half Time/Full Time
    Some events recorded after October 1, 2017 may have additional markets available.
    Tennis £0.15 (In-Play markets with score)
    £0.07 (markets without score)
    1 sec.
    Each event is limited to the following markets:
    • Match Odds
    • Set 1 Winner
    • Set 2 Winner
    Score information is available in some markets starting from December 2018.
    Cricket £0.6 1 sec
    Each event is limited to the following markets:
    • Match Odds
    Available from October 2018
    Basketball £0.14 (In-Play markets with score) 1 sec
    Each event is limited to the following markets:
    • Moneyline
    • Total points
    Available from Nov 2022

    When you purchase a meeting, for its price you get all markets available for that event. The payment is one-off, that is you will be able to use these data at any time in the future - as long as BetFair and Time Machine are still in operation. The market data available to download just after the purchase. If you will not restart MF Pro in between, use the "Update Events Tree" button to see the newly purchased events in the "All Purchased" category.

  10. Subscribe to Time Machine
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