Triggers with tag "BACK"

  • The Goal Lines Martingale plan
    Back on Under x.5 & y.0 goals in a Goal Lines (Asian Over/Under) market, recovering your losses with each next stake as the score keeps growing.
  • Backing on an increased matched volume
    Back on selections with a spike in their matched volume over the specified time.
  • In-play backing on possible horse race winners in Place markets
    Back the most probable winner(s) of a UK or Irish horse race towards the end of the race (in-play).
  • Backing and trading out the server in Tennis
    The trigger backs on the current server at the start of each game in a Tennis match, then trades it out at the end of the game if it has won. In case of a service break, the trigger increases the bet to try and recoup the loss in the next game.
  • Two-Stage Dutching (Back)
    Use triggers to place two rounds of Dutching in the same market, to the specified target profit.
  • 2-6 Staking Plan
    Aim to win 2 bets out of 6 before you restart the sequence.
  • The Pro Staking Plan
    The rather aggressive staking plan aiming at recouping your losses and earning a fixed target profit per each market.
  • Backing on N more goals after a promising first half
    Back on the chance that the teams will score N more goals following a first half where both teams scored a certain number of goals.
  • Greening up on multiple positions with a target profit
    We're showing the way to calculate the total potential profit/loss for multiple bets and selections, and close all positions as soon as a target is reached.
  • Retirement Staking Plan
    The automation of the Retirement Staking plan which is based on your history of wins and losses, and the average price of previous winners.
  • Three triggers for simple Stop-Loss, after backing
    This example is the opposite of the "Three triggers for simple Stop-Loss, after laying"
  • Trailing Stop-Loss, back then lay
    The triggers will maintain a trailing stop-loss function: that is whenever the price drops down and the market is in your favour, the current lay price of the selections that you backed on will be remembered.
  • Back on Unders one goal ahead of the current score
    Back in Under/Over markets on the selection that is one goal ahead of the current score at a specified number of minutes into the game. Only do this if previous market is settled, i.e. one market at a time.
  • Back The Draw and Green up at HT
    This trigger will back The Draw at a specified time before the start of the game. At half-time it will green-up if in profit, or distribute the loss.
  • Backing the opposite team after the first goal
    This is a simple trigger to back the team whose score is zero, after the other team scored the first goal in a soccer game. The idea is to gain a value price on the selection you are backing. This trigger can also be used as the basis for a later green-up.
  • Backing on the favourite in a handicap market
    In footbal handicap markets " +1" with a specified score, back on the favourite with -1 handicap at the 80th minute of the match.
  • Betting based on Welles Wilder's Relative Strength Index
    It combines several aspects. It is a trading trigger that concentrates on the favourite. It is based on Welles Wilder's Relative Strength Index (RSI) which he developed for the stock market a long time ago but it can be used in high volume betting markets.
  • Backing in the Place market based on price change in the Win market
    At 30 sec before the start of the race find a runner whose chances for a win grew up by at least 2.0 in the win market. Then back on this runner in the place market.
  • Back on selections with increased volume percentage
    At 10 mins before the start of the race remember the volume percentage of each runner. Then at 1 min before the off back on one of the first 5 favourites with the maximum increase of the volume %. The increase must make at least 10%.
  • Completing a back dutch if one bet is unmatched
    This is a short case study dedicated to uncompleted back Dutchings.
  • Back Dutching at lay prices and Lay Dutching at back prices
    Place back bets on selected runners to win or lose a fixed amount, but at their lay prices.
  • Back and Lay Dutching on specified favourites with a target profit
    This example is an extension of the standard Auto-Dutching tool of MarketFeeder Pro. While this tool solves the majority of tasks related to Dutching, you may want to further tune it up, so a trigger will be a better solution.
  • Back-Dutching specific selections, then greening them up all at once
    Back-Dutch selections, whose price is less than 7.0, provided that there are at least two selections to Dutch.
  • Back-Dutching On Specified Selections
    At a certain time before the start of an event find selections in the specified price range, whose cumulative book percentage fits into the given minimum and maximum, and place back Dutch bets on them to win a fixed profit or alternatively to stay within a fixed liability.
  • Back Dutching with loss recoupment
    This is an exact opposite of Lay Dutching with loss recoupment. Beware though that when you do back Dutching, your liability can be way higher than the amount you're looking to win.
  • The Dutching Chaser
    If you are struggling to find a market where Dutching would be possible, this trigger example is for you!
  • Square root staking plan
    This is a quite well-known staking plan that helps you manage your bank.
  • Back then double bet size after loss
    Back on a selection, then double the stake in the next market if the previous bet lost.
  • Backing Multi-Link Doubles plan
    Main idea is to place back bets in cycles, for example starting from 5% of bank, ending with 1%, each time adding a fraction of your winnings to the rest of bets left in the cycle.
  • Back accumulator staking plan
    This is an exact opposite of the Lay accumulator staking plan.
  • Fibonacci (Backing)
    The Fibonacci staking plan
  • Loss recoupment in several steps, backing
    Back on a chosen selection to a fixed profit and recoup the loss according to a scheme.
  • Simple staking plan for back bets
    This staking plan is identical to the Simple staking plan for lay bets. Its only difference is the type of bets.
  • Backing by the D'Alembert staking plan
    Back on a selection according to the D'Alembert plan
  • Percentage Point staking plan for backing
    This is an implementation of the "Percentage Point Staking Plan"
  • Backing on home team if away team won in half time
    If one of the teams in a game has won in the half time, then back on the other team in "Match Odds".
  • Saver (No Bet)
    This is a simple betting example that could be used in a market with three possible outcomes, such as "Match Odds" in Soccer (the most popular application area).
  • Betting on the selections with three highest volume percentages
    Bet (either back or lay) on the three selections with the highest volume percentages (highest market share).
  • Laying in Half Time and backing in Half Time/Full Time
    Here is one of the implementations of football arbitrages whereby you lay in one market and back in another, hoping to secure profit in a number of possible outcomes.
  • Acting on Pressure of Money (high Lay volume vs low Back volume)
    We'll back on any selection in the given price range whose LAY volume is 2 or more times as much as BACK volume.
  • Betting on a specified Trap Number
    Simple trigger to lay or back on a specified trap number. Set the trap number in the constant.
  • The Greyhound Bookie System
    Take a race with 6 runners. Put runners No 1, 3 and 5 in one group, and runners 2, 4, 6 - in another group. Note which group has lower aggregate odds, then Dutch-back this group.
  • Backing On The Favourite In Place Markets
    Back £2 on the favourite if its odds are between 1.5 and 3.0, in place markets. If the bet lost, increase the next stake by £2 till the bet wins. Then keep decreasing the bet size by £4 till it reaches the original size of £2.
  • Backing The Favourite With Loss Recoupment
    Back the favourite at 20 sec after the off, to a profit of £10, but only if its price is above 2.0 and the second favourite's price is no less than 10 ticks above the favourite's price. If the bet won then stop all betting, otherwise bet to produce £10 + the previous bet size in the next market, on the same conditions.
  • Each Way betting for horse racing
    This is a simple implementation of "each way" betting whereby you place two equal bets on the same runner to win a race and to finish in the first places. This trigger will work in win and place markets for Horse Racing.
  • Chasing the favourite until a winner
    An interesting trigger to try, preferably in test mode. The trigger will back the favourite. If the favourite changes it will back the new favourite, and continue to do this until the end.
  • Backing On the Favourite In Place Market, Depending On The Price Of the Third Favourite In Win Market
    Back 10% of available funds at best price on the favourite in the place market, if the 3rd favourite in the WIN market has a price greater than the number of runners in the race + 1. I.e. in a 10-horse race, if the 3rd favourite has a price greater than 11.0, 10 being the number of runners + 1, then that would qualify.
  • Backing on the fav in-play if it was leading at the start
    At 30 seconds after the event goes in-play determine the favorite, but do not take any action at that moment. Once the determined favorite has reached a value of 1.2, back it at a price of 1.15. If the favorite doesn't reach that value skip the event.
  • Laying in Win Market and Backing In Place Market
    Back and lay on the same horse: lay to a fixed liability on the favourite in the win market if the odds are between 2 and 5.0. Back a fixed amount on the same horse in the place market providing the odds are 1.5 or higher.
  • Backing on Under 2.5 Goals
    After 20 minutes of the market going in-play, back on "Under 2.5 Goals". Green it up 20 minutes later (if possible). If a goal was scored and no greening-up took place, distribute the loss equally.
  • Trading on the overpriced favourite
    Remember the favourite's price at the beginning of the race/match/event. If later its price has grown up by no less than 20%, back it. As soon as it hits the starting price of falls below, lay it to green up equally.
  • Auto-Scalping (Repetitive Backing and Greening Up)
    This example automates scalping, whereby you back on a selection then green it up or distribute the loss equally, then repeat this cycle. Its implementation is generic, i.e. it covers the general case, but you may add more triggers or conditions to it if it needs customisation.
  • Either direction Green-Up
    Try to green up on a selection with whichever type of bet gets matched first (back or lay), regardless of where the market goes. Insure your bets against the wrong market direction.
  • Backing at SP in the Place market based on price in the Win market
    Place a back bet at SP in the place market on a horse if its price in the place market is greater than X and its price in the win market is less than Y.
  • Backing on the horse who nearly won in the last run
    Back horses that fall in the first [number] favourites, where [number] is the number of winning places in this race. The runner should have a record of either 2nd or 3rd place in the previous race where it took part. Eventually green up this bet at 5 ticks (or any other offset of your choice).
  • Backing in the place market when half of the field in the win market is priced at a certain value
    When a horse racing place market turns In-Play, back on the horse that is the favourite in the win market, provided that at least half of the runners in the win market have a certain minimum price.
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