1. How to Dutch on two selections: the second favourite and the lowest priced horse with odds over 20?

You add the following condition block:

  Selection’s Rank is equal to 2
  Or Selection’s Back Price is greater than 20

2. When I’m trying to place back Dutching bets using a trigger, I get the following error message in the log:

Error in the trigger expression of price or amount for selection "XXX".

All bets will be discarded.

Impossible to Dutch-BACK, the book % is 101.91

This error message means that the Dutching will generate loss instead of profit.

A back Dutching is only possible if the sum of the chances of the selections you back on is less than 100.

A chance is defined as 100/price.

In short, the prices of the selections you are backing on must be high enough for the Dutching to be profitable.

You need to choose different selections for the Dutching and set the minimum book% using a condition:

And Selection’s Trigger Expression match_b_book is greater than 100

More details on what Dutching is can be found here:

Single-Market Dutching Formulae

3. How to find out how many ticks fit between two prices?

To know the difference between two prices in ticks, use this formula:

g_ticks(price1, price2)

If price1 is less than price2, the result will be positive, otherwise 0 or negative.

To know the size of the tick in the current price range of the selection, use b_tick and l_tick variables, which return the tick size for the current back and lay prices respectively.

4. If I want to sell my own triggers and/or teach other people how to program triggers, do I need to pay WellDone Creative Software commission?

You have to pay absolutely nothing. We encourage you to share your knowledge, either on voluntary or commercial basis. We will be happy if your triggers/tutorials/courses help others learn the art of automated online betting!

5. How would I automatically match my unmatched bets if they stay in the market for longer than 1 second?

The easiest option for you will be to use the Stop-Loss settings:

If you also want a bet to be cancelled after some time if it is unmatched, use the Bet Lifetime property in a trigger:


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