1. How to launch triggers in a specified timeframe every day?

Just add the following condition to your trigger:

Global Current Time is between START and END

Where START and END are time values, e.g. 12:00:00 and 18:00:00

2. How to turn off the confirmation window that comes each time a trigger wants to place a bet?

Just untick “Request confirmation for every critical operation” in General Options.

Turn off confirmations

3. How to cancel a lay bet on a selection and immediately place a new one at a higher price?

There are dedicated trigger actions for this: cancel then back, cancel then lay, cancel back then lay, cancel lay then back. They take in all the settings of the standard cancel and back/lay trigger. So you can cancel then lay at a higher price this way:

Cancel then lay on the same selection

4. I am getting this error message when trying to log in to MF Pro:

Unable to send request, 33 code : The handle is in the wrong state for requested operation

This error messages comes up when you have poor or no Internet connection. Make sure you are connected and your WiFi signal is good. Don't turn off your computer while MF Pro is running. (If you do need to turn your computer off and at the same time keep MF Pro running, take advantage of our BetVPS service).

5. How can I stop my trigger from placing bets In-Play?

Add a simple condition:

And Market’s Status is Idle

6. How to bet on a specific score in Correct Scores, i.e. 1 - 2?

There are two ways to do this.

The first one is to count the position of the required score in the list of selections, from top to bottom.

Correct Score 1-2

Then apply this condition:

Selection’s Index is equal to 7

The second one is to check the name of the selection to bet on:

Selection’s Name is equal to "SCORE1 - SCORE2"

Where SCORE1 is the desired score of the home team and SCORE2 – of the away team, e.g.:

Selection’s Name is equal to "1 - 2"

Note the double quotes and the combination of spaces and the minus sign in between the scores!

7. How to back a fixed amount of money plus recover any previous losses?

Generally, you create a trigger that “backs”:

Amount: bet_size + last_lost/((back_price-1)*(1-commission))

8. What can I do to prevent the trigger from betting immediately after a goal is scored, before the prices regain balance?

Simply add this condition:

Market’s Minutes since last goal is equal or greater than 0.5
or Selection's Trigger Expression market_score1 + market_score2 is equal to 0

This will make the trigger wait for 30 seconds after the goal is scored.

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