10 Facts About Green-up in MarketFeeder Pro

Green-Up in MarketFeeder Pro

  1. Trading out, offset betting, cashing out.

    Those mean exactly the same as greening up, i.e. spreading the profit equally among all selections in the market. Green-up is the term we use in MarketFeeder Pro. Trading out may refer to both distributing profit and loss.

  2. To get profit, you always BACK at a higher price and LAY at a lower price.

    This rule is echoed by common sense: you want to buy (lay) cheaper than you sell (back). If you do it the other way round, you will lose money.
  3. Your profit is the difference between the Lay and Back bets.

    It's that simple. In the example on the picture above, profit = 53.85 - 50 - 5% commission =  3.65.
    If this figure is negative, you are losing money.

    Need some ideas on which green-up strategy is the most proven? We have tested some popular strategies against hundreds of thousands historical markets

    BFStats Greening Up

  4. Greening up means balancing Back and Lay bets.

    No matter how many bets you placed before you decided to green them up, after a green-up, the sum of all back Bets multiplied by their prices will be equal to the sum of all Lay bets multiplied by the corresponding prices.

    back_price1*back_amount1 + back_price2*back_amount2 + ... + back_priceN*back_amountN = lay_price1*lay_amount1 + lay_price2*lay_amount2 + ... + lay_priceN*lay_amountN

    In MarketFeeder Pro this sum is called "payout", and there are the corresponding trigger variables for it, back_payout and lay_payout.

  5. One bet can green up a multiple bets of the opposite type.

    You can green up a whole bunch of back bets placed on the same selection with just one lay bet. The same is true the other way round, i.e. you can green up multiple lay bets with just one back bet.

    Greening up multiple bets

  6. Greening up is for the bets placed on the same selection.

    You cannot green up a back bet placed on one of the teams in a football match with, say, a lay bet placed on the Draw. You always close the position you opened on a selection with a bet on that same selection.

  7. Your potential profit depends on the order of your bets.

    That's right: if you first Back then Lay, you can hope to win up to 989 times more than you backed, whereas if you first Lay then Back, you can only hope to win 99% of your initial bet. This is explained by this simple formula:

    Green-Up Profit (BACK then LAY sequence) = S*(BP/LP - 1), where S - stake size, BP - back price, LP - lay price.

    Therefore, with the highest possible BP (1000) and the lowest possible LP (1.01), you will get this:
    Green-Up Profit (BACK then LAY sequence) = S*(1000/1.01 - 1) = S*989

    Green-Up Profit (LAY then BACK sequence) = S*(1 - LP/BP), where S - stake size, BP - back price, LP - lay price.

    Therefore, with the highest possible BP (1000) and the lowest possible LP (1.01), you will get this:
    Green-Up Profit (LAY then BACK sequence) = S*(1 - 1.01/1000) = S*0.99

  8. Stop-Loss is in fact the alter ego of Green-Up

    The formula for the amount you need to place on a selection to close your position with a loss ("distribute loss between selections" in MarketFeeder Pro) is exactly the same as for greening up:

    SL Bet Amount = opening_price * opening_amount / SL_price

    Distribute loss between selections
  9. Your profit percentage does not depend on the size of your initial bet

    The percentage of your initial bet that you can win after a green-up only depends on the Back price to Lay price ratio.

    Profit% (BACK then LAY) = (BP/LP - 1)*100

    Profit% (LAY then BACK) = (1 - LP/BP)*100

    where BP and LP are back price and lay price respectively.

  10. There are four ways of greening up in MarketFeeder Pro.

    Way 1. Manually, using the "Green Up" button in the Betting Interface that comes up when you right-click the selection's betting buttons.

    Greening up via Betting Interface

    Way 2. Automatically, by turning on the Auto-Greenup tool.


    Way 3. Manually, using the trade-out button in the Engineer Mode.

    Engineer Mode

    Way 4. Automatically, using a trigger.

    Greening-up triggers

Need more interesting stuff on greening up? Try our green-up trigger examples.

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