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All-in-one betting bot for BetFair

MarketFeeder Pro is a betting app for BetFair with unlimited skills in automated trading. It combines all the usual tools a BetFair bettor needs with unique applications for scheduled, preprogrammed tasks.

  • Market Locator for quick search of markets (i.e. football matches, horse races, greyhounds, tennis etc.) based on your criteria
  • Triggered Betting for setting up instructions to the program which can implement any staking plan or betting system
  • Time Machine for backtesting betting strategies based on real historical markets downloaded from BetFair

MarketFeeder Pro is for you if you are tired of paper trading and want to stop doing everything manually. You can operate this software with by keying in simple instructions in a special editor. It will then automatically add markets and place bets according to those instructions, even when you are not around! Perfect for bettors that have daytime jobs and other activities.

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  • Market name descriptors removed
    Prior to the latest API change/Ver 8 it appears the market name had more detail. I have lost substantial wagers in Tennis on "Qualifying" matches for tournaments in Tennis to a point where I may have to remove tennis from my portfolio. What was a profitable event is now a losing event as the 'Qualifying" matched have a different trend then proper main event match history will show and I can't find a way around eliminating these qualifying matches. Previously a market name would contain something like Tennis /Qatar Total Open 2015 / Qualifying Matches / Schiavone v Voegele / Match Odds Now it contains Tennis / Qatar Total Open 2015 / Schiavone v Voegele Match Odds as reported in programs logs. However, in betting history downloaded from my Betfair account shows Qualifying Matches / Schiavone v Voegele / Match Odds   My question is why can't Betting markets show the same name as betting results show since it must be in the database. I appreciate this may be a Betfair API issue but would request moderators to take this compliant up with Betfair if this is the case.  
    by londolozi
  • No Aussie Rules?
    Is their a reason why Australian Rules Football is not in the available markets. The season hasn't started yet (Apirl 2) but I thought we may see premiership markets, under a primary thread.
    by londolozi
  • formula help
    Hi Please check this formula takken from the green-up-unequal-profit.mft given as example from welldone bm_backa*(1 + P*bm_backp - P)/(1 + P*lay_price - P) If i'm not wrong it works only for the last matched bet. when i have more than one back bet how should the formula be written? my trigger works betting on over 1.5FT markets. when there is a goal i want a lay bet to be placed making a freebet on the over 1.5HT. I thought that the formula used in this trigger could be the solution but it seems to work only for the last bet, the problem is that i have more than one back bet. Can it be changed for this purpose or is there a better way? If this needs to become a trigger request i will ask for one, i'm asking first because i'm not sure. Thank you for helping me on this
    by pdjm
  • More than one trigger at the same time
    Hi, Is it somehow possible to have more then one trigger running at the same time? Thank you, David
    by Poetrismo6
  • Sprint Races
    Hi, In the UK and Ireland a sprint race contains 5f, 6f or 7f in the market name. But what is the naming convention for Australian Sprint Races ? Thanks
    by cybernet69
  • Test, real and place market names/content
    Hi, can the market names be made the same for Test Statements, Real Statements and Place markets please? Real statements have / GB / or / IRE / in the market name and Test statements don't.  The position of the race time is also different.  My request is to keep the Test format and make Real one the same. Also, why don't place market bets have the race information in them? Examples of current formats: Real: Horse Racing / GB / Leic 10th Dec/ 13:40 2m Sell Hrd Test: Horse Racing / Dundalk / 21:10 Dund 10th Dec 1m4f Hcap - 1m4f Hcap Place: Horse Racing / Dundalk / 21:10 Dund 10th Dec To Be Placed - To Be Placed regards Wez
    by Wez
  • Mathed volume by horse
    Hi in betangel i can see the total amount of money that there are in each horse. I would like to have that option here and i think its easy to put Thanks
    by Angelito20
  • Accessing back matched in markets with 'other' bets
    Hi all, Apologies if the answer to this is blindingly obvious but I'm struggling with finding a solution. I'm using several different profiles/strategies which independently may bet on the same selections in the same markets. There may also be other bets on the same selections placed manually through other trading tools etc. What I want to do is to be able to separate each different MFPro strategy so that I can keep record of the individual banks that they run from. To do this I need to be able to know exactly how much each separate strategy has actually matched on a selection when the market (say a race) begins. So for a race ... Just before the race a trigger for a strategy determines that a bet should be placed and places it. The bet may be matched, partially matched, or unmatched so I can't just use the stake that was used in the bet - that would mean an assumption that the whole stake was matched (this is what I'm doing at the moment but it causes errors from time to time). However I can't just check the back_matched on the selection either because there may be other money matched from other bets outside of this trigger. The race begins - at point of in-play I want to know how much THIS trigger/strategy (and this one alone) got matched on the selection. Bear in mind that other bets from other sources on the same selection may have been matched before or since the trigger placed its bet so the bet that the trigger placed was not necessarily the first or last bet placed. Is there any way to do this within the trigger that placed the bet ? I looked to see if I could assign the bet IDs immediately after processing the back trigger and query them for back_matched but doesn't seem to be an option. Again sorry if the answer is obvious (I hope it is  ) and thanks for having the patience to read this far. regards, Andy
    by andyock
  • Auto Dutchbetting and Saving on selections
    Love the autodutch feature in MF. I would love to see it possible to be able to BACK a certain number of runners and have the option to SAVE on any number of runners. eg. BACK the favourite to make a profit but then SAVE on the 2nd and 3rd favourites so if they happen to win you get all your money back that you invested on the race.
    by dailygrind
  • Amount waiting to be matched at certain price
    Hi, I've looked through the manual and forum and although I expected this to be an option, it doesn't appear to be. Is it still not possible to to retrieve the amount of money waiting to be matched at a certain price in a trigger? For example if the current best back price is 7.0 and I wanted to find out how much money is waiting in the queue at say 8.0, is this possible? Thanks in advance.
    by acollin
hodeMarketFeeder Pro briefly
MarketFeeder Pro is an official BetFair vendor MarketFeeder Pro is a complex betting bot for BetFair online exchange, with numerous betting and market analysing tools. The features that make it stand out are:
  • The ability to test any betting system or strategy without risking money. Using virtual funds, you can refine your betting techniques again and again, until you are ready to place a bet with real money.
  • Triggered Betting facility allows you to key in the formula and principles of your betting strategy just once, then watch the program automatically place bets in numerous markets for you. Forget about paper trading and mentally calculating loads of figures.
  • Its amazing flexibility helps you configure the program completely to your taste.
  • The growing library of trigger examples and articles on our web site will guide you through the process of mastering this unique piece of software.
    Looking for a ready script solution?
    Visit Auto-BF, our partner which offers a unique, totally automated betting solution based on MarketFeeder Pro (Excel-based version).
    No special skills required, just download & start! Start earning as easily as never before!

    You want to know what makes MarketFeeder Pro the best betting bot ever?

    Just a quick list:

    MarketFeeder Pro main window

    1. You can monitor as many different markets as you want.

    2. Refresh rate up to 0.3 sec.

    3 Automated trading built-in:

    • Auto-Greenup (offset betting, hedging),
    • Auto-Dutching (arbitrage)
    • Ladder interface for scalping

    4. Triggered Betting - this is what makes MarketFeeder Pro the ultimate tool for a pro!

    5. Send SMS on your mobile to stay informed of what's going on in the program.

    6. Interaction with Excel, ability to build your own macros.

    Interested? Read on! Or try it FOR FREE right away!

    From the first glance at MarketFeeder Pro you understand that it is designed to make your betting convenient. The interface of the program is very similar to that of BetFair’s. You can quickly access all market information and place and edit your bets. The tree of events, market window and the list of your bets are located exactly where you would look for them.

    The annoying sluggishness of the exchange’s web site will not bother you any more. You can place your bets with just one click if you choose. Market prices get updated at a rate of up to 0.5 sec., and you can see how they are changing from the mini-charts in the center of the market window. When a price is growing or dropping down it gets highlighted to let you know where the market is drifting. If you prefer manual betting you have all the conditions for that. One-click betting with pre-defined bet amounts, customized betting that can be called up with a right-click , or a price ladder interface – you are the one to choose!

    Hate to risk money when trying new trading approaches? MarketFeeder Pro offers you a great opportunity to test your strategies without spending a penny! As soon as you start using the software you are offered a “Test Balance” which you can replenish with virtual money. Then turn the “Test Mode” on and enjoy the usual trading on the safe side. With virtual money you can bet, cancel bets, see your P/L and available test funds as if they were real. Therefore you can back and lay – see the results, scratch those bets and start over – as many times as you want! Test bets look and behave exactly as if they were real.

    Don’t bother yourself with hasty calculations on a sheet of paper when you are about to lose your position. Let MarketFeder Pro do all the computing automatically within an instance.
    The most popular auto-trading functions, “Green-Up” (often named hedging or offset betting) and “Dutching” are now performed on every possible occasion automatically. MarketFeeder Pro “knows” when the proper situation in the market occurs, and bets immediately to generate you equal profit on all selections, regardless of the outcome. For “Auto-Greenup” you only need to place your first bet and tell the software how much money you want to win. The software will automatically figure the price and amount of the second bet, and place it on its own.
    The “Auto-Dutching” function is even easier. After setting up some options, like profit percentage and the type of bets you are looking for, just turn the “Auto-Dutching” button on and let it monitor the market without your actual presence in front of your computer. It will Dutch in all markets in your list that will have the appropriate book percentage, and as many times as you will tell it.

    Having played with all the simple trading functions, take yourself to the highest league of BetFair traders. Start using triggered betting! With a set of instructions called “a trigger” you can order the program to perform any, even most sophisticated, combination of bets conditioned by the special criteria you will specify. With a language close to English you can formulate the market situation that MarketFeeder Pro must look for, and the parameters of the bets it must place or cancel. For example this kind of sentence can be easily transformed into a trigger:

    Lay 4 GBP at best lay price on the favourite in Greyhound races if:
    The runner’s price has grown up by more than 1.5 within the last 10 minutes
    AND It’s less than 1 minute to the off
    AND The runner’s price is less than 6
    AND Your total profit for the day is less than 20 GBP
    Apply a staking plan which will recoup losses automatically if the bet loses.

    Triggered betting will change the way you think of trading! You will be relieved from nervous clicking and switching windows in the hope of chasing the chance that often lasts for several seconds only.

    If you are an Excel expert, MarketFeeder Pro has many things to offer. You can connect it to any spreadsheet of yours and use the calculations, formulas and macros you have put there. Thus, you can make MarketFeeder Pro to trigger a bet when your formula takes some special value. You can import a list of selections into MarketFeeder Pro. You can watch all market data and use them in your calculations through direct cell references. Finally, you can make the software show custom calculations for each market and selection automatically, based on the formulas you’ll supply.

    Isn’t that a big red mark pointing towards the “TRY” button?

Automated Betfair Trading Software - MarketFeeder Pro - triggered automated betting bot.
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