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All-in-one betting bot for BetFair

MarketFeeder Pro is a betting app for BetFair with unlimited skills in automated trading. It combines all the usual tools a BetFair bettor needs with unique applications for scheduled, preprogrammed tasks.

  • Market Locator for quick search of markets (i.e. football matches, horse races, greyhounds, tennis etc.) based on your criteria
  • Triggered Betting for setting up instructions to the program which can implement any staking plan or betting system
  • Time Machine for backtesting betting strategies based on real historical markets downloaded from BetFair

MarketFeeder Pro is for you if you are tired of paper trading and want to stop doing everything manually. You can operate this software with by keying in simple instructions in a special editor. It will then automatically add markets and place bets according to those instructions, even when you are not around! Perfect for bettors that have daytime jobs and other activities.

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  • Some Questions about how MF Pro Works
    Hi All Got back to MF Pro after an absence and can't remember the following points and would appreciate some help: 1. Can I name user variables using the market_id variable so that each user variable name is automatically different. So, when several horse races are refreshing at the same time I want my user variables names to be different for each separate market. I could name a  user variable "var1_market_id". Would MF Pro regard my name as a string or substitute the market id for each market that the trigger ran in? 2. Does the remember trigger remember only selection variables or also market variables, because I want it to remember market volume? In a later trigger I want to calculate the growth in market volume by subtracting the then rate with the remembered value. 3. What does the volume_trend variable calculate? A moving average of the change in a selection's volume? If so, over what period / number of refreshes? Many thanks in advance for any replies. Ed
    by eeldergill
  • Lay the favourite with the Kelly plan
    Hi all, By default the Kelly plan lays the second favourite. I have my own conditions set for the laying trigger, however I want it to lay the favourite. I know I can change the selection from "Second Favourite" to "Favourite", does that mean I have to update all the other trigger options? Triggers: setting the base for the bet, Second Loser (change to Probable Loser) optional setting history depth, Second Favourite (change to Favourite) optional setting avg odds, Second Loser (change to Probable Loser) calculating probability of win, Second Favourite (change to Favourite) laying on second favourite, Second Favourite (change to Favourite) Thanks! Whitey
    by whitey86
  • Which Staking Plan To Use?
    Happy New Year Everyone, I have a strategy for picking selections and have some stats that I have been collecting and I wondered if anyone would recommend a staking plan that could make money from the selections. Total markets:  4,357 Wins:               2,938 (67.4%) Loses:              1,419 (32.6%) Loses in a row: 10 Loses   1 9 Loses     0 8 Loses     0 7 Loses     2 6 Loses     4 5 Loses     4 4 Loses     28 3 Loses     69 2 Loses     190 1 Loses     652 With a £50 stake the average win is £20.75 (which works out to be about odds of 1.44). Just using the same stake is not a winning strategy I know, but does anyone think looking at the stats above there could be a staking plan that could end up in profit? Thanks, Whitey
    by whitey86
  • need a little help with trigger
    alright guys i have 'tried' to modify the (back-pre-off-steamer) trigger that is already included when you sign up for MFP. i set the conditions low to see if it fired and it didn't. this is the first time i have tried this so i'm far from an expert but i basically copied other triggers and one made for me and tried keeping the fundamentals the same, i have attached a screen shot of the constants and the conditions for placing the back bet if one of you infinitely knowledgeable gentlemen would be so kind to have a quick look at what i have done wrong i would appreciate it massively cheers
    by alecj82
  • differentes green up in horses races
    i dont know if its posible the folowing I have a Green up in my bot thats Works great, but i would like that if the races its a jump o hardle one then  the Green up do with differents conditions if not do with the original Green up. tHANKS
    by Angelito20
  • Refresh rates for soccer trigger
    I am currently testing a trigger for football, checking 3 markets at the same time in order to place a bet on one of them, the trigger developer set the refresh rate at 2 seconds, is this too low as i don't want to get data charges and at the same time dont want to overload the system causing it to misfire? anybody any ideas of a sensible refresh rate for this kind of market as its all new to me! cheers
    by alecj82
  • stop lost if
    Hi i have a trigger for my horses bot and i need a help. In my trigger if my horses down 50 per cent of my initial lay bet and the ranks its 1 he does the stop lost but need help for compare in play with the seconf favorite in play and if the idds are not higger than 40 ticks not do it Example: I lay my horse at 4 before the start. Now my horse its a 1.8 in play and its in rank 1 , and the second favorite in play its a 2.6. Then YES do the stop lost                               I lay my horse at 4 before the start. now my horse in play its a 1.8, its in tank 1, but the second favorite its a 2. THen NO do the stop lost Hope someon can help me with that condition
    by Angelito20
  • A Lucky 15 Trigger
    Hi, If anyone has time to do it, Any chance we could have a Lucky 15 backing trigger? I don't see one anywhere on the forum. I am talking about 15 bets on 4 selections made up as follows 4 singles of A, B, C, D. 6 doubles of A+B, A+C, A+D, B+C, B+D, C+D 4 trebles of A+B+C, A+B+D, A+C+D, B+C+D 1 fourfold of A+B+C+D I am attempting to write one myself but its not easy and struggling with the trebles and  fourfold. Any one interested, please post  Thanks Larp
    by LarpHager
  • Did not get fully paid?
    I don't usually bet on horses , but I did not get full payment - anyone have an explanation or similar experience? 15.50 6.54 Back 25-Jan-15 14:06  44.15 Only get 44.15 shluld have been 88.67?
    by tupp
  • Loss Recoupment for each market
    Hi, I have 3 block´s, 2 block´s for the same sport but for different markets (place and win). I want that each block make the loss recoupment individually immediately in the next market (3 recoupments). In this triggers (attachments) i have two big problems: - Loss recoupment individually and not globally (referred) - Loss recoupment dont occurs immediately in the next market even that have time for. I have one more doubt, if in block 1 (lay winmarket) i have one more trigger for back, its also possible i recuperate only the lost bet? Thank you very much
    by Dsimoes
hodeMarketFeeder Pro briefly
MarketFeeder Pro is an official BetFair vendor MarketFeeder Pro is a complex betting bot for BetFair online exchange, with numerous betting and market analysing tools. The features that make it stand out are:
  • The ability to test any betting system or strategy without risking money. Using virtual funds, you can refine your betting techniques again and again, until you are ready to place a bet with real money.
  • Triggered Betting facility allows you to key in the formula and principles of your betting strategy just once, then watch the program automatically place bets in numerous markets for you. Forget about paper trading and mentally calculating loads of figures.
  • Its amazing flexibility helps you configure the program completely to your taste.
  • The growing library of trigger examples and articles on our web site will guide you through the process of mastering this unique piece of software.
    Looking for a ready script solution?
    Visit Auto-BF, our partner which offers a unique, totally automated betting solution based on MarketFeeder Pro (Excel-based version).
    No special skills required, just download & start! Start earning as easily as never before!

    You want to know what makes MarketFeeder Pro the best betting bot ever?

    Just a quick list:

    MarketFeeder Pro main window

    1. You can monitor as many different markets as you want.

    2. Refresh rate up to 0.3 sec.

    3 Automated trading built-in:

    • Auto-Greenup (offset betting, hedging),
    • Auto-Dutching (arbitrage)
    • Ladder interface for scalping

    4. Triggered Betting - this is what makes MarketFeeder Pro the ultimate tool for a pro!

    5. Send SMS on your mobile to stay informed of what's going on in the program.

    6. Interaction with Excel, ability to build your own macros.

    Interested? Read on! Or try it FOR FREE right away!

    From the first glance at MarketFeeder Pro you understand that it is designed to make your betting convenient. The interface of the program is very similar to that of BetFair’s. You can quickly access all market information and place and edit your bets. The tree of events, market window and the list of your bets are located exactly where you would look for them.

    The annoying sluggishness of the exchange’s web site will not bother you any more. You can place your bets with just one click if you choose. Market prices get updated at a rate of up to 0.5 sec., and you can see how they are changing from the mini-charts in the center of the market window. When a price is growing or dropping down it gets highlighted to let you know where the market is drifting. If you prefer manual betting you have all the conditions for that. One-click betting with pre-defined bet amounts, customized betting that can be called up with a right-click , or a price ladder interface – you are the one to choose!

    Hate to risk money when trying new trading approaches? MarketFeeder Pro offers you a great opportunity to test your strategies without spending a penny! As soon as you start using the software you are offered a “Test Balance” which you can replenish with virtual money. Then turn the “Test Mode” on and enjoy the usual trading on the safe side. With virtual money you can bet, cancel bets, see your P/L and available test funds as if they were real. Therefore you can back and lay – see the results, scratch those bets and start over – as many times as you want! Test bets look and behave exactly as if they were real.

    Don’t bother yourself with hasty calculations on a sheet of paper when you are about to lose your position. Let MarketFeder Pro do all the computing automatically within an instance.
    The most popular auto-trading functions, “Green-Up” (often named hedging or offset betting) and “Dutching” are now performed on every possible occasion automatically. MarketFeeder Pro “knows” when the proper situation in the market occurs, and bets immediately to generate you equal profit on all selections, regardless of the outcome. For “Auto-Greenup” you only need to place your first bet and tell the software how much money you want to win. The software will automatically figure the price and amount of the second bet, and place it on its own.
    The “Auto-Dutching” function is even easier. After setting up some options, like profit percentage and the type of bets you are looking for, just turn the “Auto-Dutching” button on and let it monitor the market without your actual presence in front of your computer. It will Dutch in all markets in your list that will have the appropriate book percentage, and as many times as you will tell it.

    Having played with all the simple trading functions, take yourself to the highest league of BetFair traders. Start using triggered betting! With a set of instructions called “a trigger” you can order the program to perform any, even most sophisticated, combination of bets conditioned by the special criteria you will specify. With a language close to English you can formulate the market situation that MarketFeeder Pro must look for, and the parameters of the bets it must place or cancel. For example this kind of sentence can be easily transformed into a trigger:

    Lay 4 GBP at best lay price on the favourite in Greyhound races if:
    The runner’s price has grown up by more than 1.5 within the last 10 minutes
    AND It’s less than 1 minute to the off
    AND The runner’s price is less than 6
    AND Your total profit for the day is less than 20 GBP
    Apply a staking plan which will recoup losses automatically if the bet loses.

    Triggered betting will change the way you think of trading! You will be relieved from nervous clicking and switching windows in the hope of chasing the chance that often lasts for several seconds only.

    If you are an Excel expert, MarketFeeder Pro has many things to offer. You can connect it to any spreadsheet of yours and use the calculations, formulas and macros you have put there. Thus, you can make MarketFeeder Pro to trigger a bet when your formula takes some special value. You can import a list of selections into MarketFeeder Pro. You can watch all market data and use them in your calculations through direct cell references. Finally, you can make the software show custom calculations for each market and selection automatically, based on the formulas you’ll supply.

    Isn’t that a big red mark pointing towards the “TRY” button?

Automated Betfair Trading Software - MarketFeeder Pro - triggered automated betting bot.
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